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  1. Growing Lizards (1 dz)

    Growing Lizards (1 dz)

    Your children will love watching these Growing Lizards come to life right before their eyes. Within 72 hours, these amazing toys will grow six times their size, than back again when removed from water. One thing is for certain, your children will not stop playing with these cute toys.

    • 1 Dozen Lizards
    • Measures: 3"
    • Assorted Lizards
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    Regular Price: $9.68

    Now only: $7.79

  2. Inflatable Snake Sword Assortment (1 dz)

    Inflatable Snake Sword Assortment (1 dz)

    A great party favor for a variety of party themes! These inflatable snake swords will be loved by all! Watch the kids have fun battles with these colorful swords.

    • 12 Inflatable snake swords per set
    • Assorted colors
    • 27" Long
    • Sold deflated
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  3. Frog Party Napkins (16 pc)

    Frog Party Napkins (16 pc)

    Adorable frog themed luncheon napkins.

    • 16 Napkins per set
    • 13" Napkins
    • Luncheon napkins.
    • Paper napkins.
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    Regular Price: $5.89

    Now only: $4.74

  4. Snake Value Plush (1 dz)

    Snake Value Plush (1 dz)

    Want the perfect plush animal to make other little girl's scream? These Snake Value Plushes are the best goody bag treat for jungle themed parties.

    • 1 Dozen Snakes
    • Snakes Measure 24"
    • Assorted Colors
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  5. Colorful Frog Rings (72 pc)

    Colorful Frog Rings (72 pc)

    Girls will feel froggy after getting one of these Colorful Frog Rings. These frogs are perfect for frog themed kids parties or as carnival prizes!

    • 6 Dozen Colorful Frog Rings.
    • Rings Measure 1/2 Inch.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  6. Frog Feather Pens (1 dz)

    Frog Feather Pens (1 dz)

    Make little girls smile at your frog party with these Frog Feathered Pens. Each pen features a cool little frog on top of an array of feathers!

    • 1 Dozen Frog Feather Pens.
    • Pens Measure 6 3/4 Inches.
    • Colored Feathers.
    • Plastic Frog.
    • Assorted Colors & Designs.
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  7. Realistic Snakes Assortment (4 dz)

    Realistic Snakes Assortment (4 dz)

    Realistic snakes are fun party favors and favors for jungle, safari, adventure or wildlife parties. Throw them in the goody bags or give them away as prizes.

    • Snakes measure 7 1/2 Inches to 9 inches.
    • 4 dozen per set.
    • Assorted colors and styles.
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    Regular Price: $17.06

    Now only: $15.35

  8. Squirting Frog Toys (1 dz)

    Squirting Frog Toys (1 dz)

    Squirt water at friends with these colorful vinyl frog toys. Great to decorate or as favors at a beach party.

    • 2 1/2"
    • 1 dozen per set
    • Assorted colors
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  9. Squeezable Sticky Frogs (1 dz)

    Squeezable Sticky Frogs (1 dz)

    Adorable vinyl squeezable sticky frogs. Great as a party favor. Kids love to squeeze them!

    • 12 Per order
    • Assorted colors
    • 2 1/2"
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  10. Assorted Sticky Frogs - 48 pc

    Assorted Sticky Frogs - 48 pc

    These sticky frogs are great for reptile, nature or science-themed parties. These fun colorful 1 inch frogs will stick to just about anything. All the children will love playing with these silly sticky frogs.

    • About 48 sticky frogs per set.
    • Assorted color frogs.
    • Color assortments may vary per set.
    • Frogs measure about 1 inch each.
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Items 1 to 10 of 30 total

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