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  • Nonwoven Polyester Beach Tote Bags (1 dz)

    Get ready for some time in the sun with these Nonwoven Polyester Beach Tote Bags. Each of these nonwoven polyester bags measure 18 inches x 20 inches and contain 11 1/2 inch handles. Perfect for a trip to the beach. 1 dozen bags per set. Learn More

  • Large Blue Snowflake Tote Bags (12 pc)

    Take the stress out of wrapping gifts with these Large Blue Snowflake Totes. These nonwoven polyester. Totes measure 15 1/4 inches x 16 1/2 inches and include 10 inch handles.

    • 1 Dozen Large Blue Snowflake Totes.
    • Tote Bags Measure 15 1/4 Inches x 16 1/2 Inches with 10 Inches Handles.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Nonwoven Polyester.
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  • Metal Casino Pails (1 dz)

    Get ready for a fun night of gambling with friends with these Metal Casino Pails. Each of these 3 inch pails has a 4 1/4 inch diameter, allowing you to fit lots of chips or coins in these pails. Each pail has a 2 1/2 inch handle. Pails come in 3 designs - dice, poker chip and card suit. 1 dozen metal pails per set. Learn More

  • Clear Plastic Bucket Containers (6 pc)

    Make your tables look even more colorful with treats in these Clear Plastic Bucket Containers! These plastic containers measure 5 inches and looks like clear plastic paint cans. Each container contains a pop off metal lid. Learn More

  • Bride And Groom Satin And Tulle Favor Bags (2 dz)

    Make all of your guest table settings look more elegant with these Bride And Groom Satin And Tulle Favor Bags. Just fill the attached drawstring bags with wedding favors and place at each table setting. Perfect for bridal showers or wedding receptions.

    • 2 Dozen Bride And Groom Satin And Tulle Favor Bags.
    • Bags Measure 4 1/4 Inches.
    • Formal Tux & Gown Designs.
    • Tulle & Stain.
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  • Mega Colorful Gift Bag Assortment (60 pc)

    Who said that everyone needs to spend hours of time wrapping to have beautifully hide a gift? With this Mega Colorful Print Gift Bag assortment, you can make any gift look chic without wasting time.

    • 5 Dozen
    • Measures: 9"
    • Assorted Colors
    • Assorted Designs
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6 Item(s)

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