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  1. Metallic Sparkling Bracelet Assortment (1 dz)

    Metallic Sparkling Bracelet Assortment (1 dz)

    Help your little girl feel extra special during dress up with these Metallic Bracelets. With these colorful bracelets, every girl will feel like a princess.

    • 1 Dozen Bracelets
    • Plastic with a metallic finish
    • Assorted Metallic Colors
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  2. Rubber Tattoo Fun Bracelets

    Rubber Tattoo Fun Bracelets (24 pc

    Want some cute bracelets for your daughter's slumber party but don't want to deal with the mess of temporary tattoos? These Rubber Tattoo Fun Bracelets are perfect for any girl's party. Girls will love pretending they have a tattoo at Diva and Rock Star parties.

    • 2 Dozen Rubber Tattoo Fun Bracelets.
    • Tattoos Measure 7 Inches.
    • Rubber Bracelets.
    • Assorted Designs & Assorted Colors..
    • One Size Fits Most.
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  3. Birthday Fabulous Party Kit

    Birthday Fabulous Party Kit

    Looking for decorating that are appropriate for a birthday girl of any age? This Birthday Fabulous Party Kit is guaranteed to be a fun way to say Happy Birthday to children of all ages! Perfect for making any princess and her friends feel special during her special day! Set comes with a variety of fun items girls are guaranteed to love, including special items for the birthday girl. This set includes 1 Fabulous Sash, 1 Tiara with Feathers, Fabulous Stickers, Tiaras, necklaces, and blowouts! Perfect for party of eight girls.

    • 1 Birthday Fabulous Party Kit
    • Includes 8 Tiaras.
    • Includes 8 Necklaces.
    • Includes 8 Blowouts.
    • Assorted Tiaras.
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  4. Star With Stone Key Chains (1 dz)

    Star With Stone Key Chains (1 dz)

    Add some bling to children's key chains with these Star With Stone Key Chains. Each key chain is a fun star design with little rhinestones inside!

    • 1 Dozen Star With Stone Key Chains.
    • Key Chains Measure 2 Inches.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  5. Diva Bling Necklaces (1 dz)

    Diva Bling Necklaces (1 dz)

    If there is one thing that all girls love, it is bling! These fun Diva Bling Necklaces are perfect for girls sleepovers or as birthday party favors. Perfect sparkly jewelry for kids!

    • 1 Dozen Diva Bling Necklaces.
    • Metal Chain Included.
    • 2.5 Inch x 1.5 Inch Pendants.
    • The chain is 26" long.
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  6. Girl Saying Slap Bracelts

    Jumbo PVC Girl Sayings Slap Bracelets (24 pc)

    Girl all the girls at your party fashionable jewelry they are sure to love with these Jumbo PVC Girl Sayings Slap Bracelets. Just bracelets fastens by slapping it onto your wrist!

    • 2 Dozen Jumbo PVC Slap Bracelets.
    • Bracelets Measure 2 Inches x 9 Inches.
    • Assorted Designs and Sayings.
    • Girl Theme.
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  7. Giitzy Girls Prismatic Blowouts

    Giitzy Girls Prismatic Blowouts (8 pc)

    Give a girly look to your party with the Glitzy girls party collection. Girls of all ages are sure to love these Glitzy Girls Prismatic Blowouts!

    • 8 Glitzy Girls Prismatic Blowouts.
    • Prismatic Blowers.
    • Part of the Glitzy Girls Collection.
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  8. Guitar Bubble Bottle Necklaces (12 pc)

    Guitar Bubble Bottle Necklaces (12 pc)

    Give these necklaces away at your next rock star themed party. Great party favors for little Diva's and Pop Stars!

    • 3 3/4 Inch plastic guitar bottles.
    • Hangs on a 22 Inch cord.
    • 12 Guitars per order.
    • Assorted colors.
    • Bubble wands included.
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  9. Bling Animal Print Rings

    Bling Animal Print Rings (24 pc)

    Looking for jewelry that all the girls at your party will go wild for? Everyone at your party is sure to love these Bling Animal Print Rings. These rings are perfect safari or jungle themed parties.

    • 2 Dozen Bling Animal Print Rings.
    • Rings Measure 1.5 Inches.
    • Plastic.
    • Animal Print.
    • Assorted Designs.
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  10. Best Friends Bracelets

    Best Friends Bracelets (12 pc)

    All girls want to be best friends forever, so why not symbolize a special friendship with these fun Best Friend Bracelets. These fun bracelets are loved by girls of all ages.

    • 1 Dozen Bracelets.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Says Best Friends Forever.
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Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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