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Stuffed Objects

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  1. Plush Daisies (1 dz)

    Plush Daisies (1 dz)

    Every girl loves to pick flowers, especially these Plush Daisies. These fun bendable will make anyone smile.

    • 1 Dozen Flowers
    • Measures: 23"
    • Assorted Colors
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  2. Plush Bowling Pins

    Plush Bowling Pins (1 dz)

    Help children feel more excited about bowling with these Plush Bowling Pins. Each of these pins feature a cute smiling face. Assorted colors. 1 dozen stuffed pins per set. Pins measure 5.5 inches per set. Learn More

  3. Neon Raised Snow Leopard Pillow

    Neon Raised Snow Leopard Pillow

    Girls will love adding color and style to their bedroom with this Neon Raised Snow Leopard Pillow. This 13 inch pink pillow has light blue fringe and a fun leopard plush on the pillow itself. Every little girl will love petting this leopards plush head and tail! Perfect for girls of all ages. Price is for 1 pillow. Learn More

  4. Snow Leopard Backpack

    Snow Leopard Backpack

    Kids will love showing off a new buddy at school or while they are on the go with this Snow Leopard Backpack. This 15 inch plush backpack is the perfect starter purse for little girls, allowing them to carrying essentials while they are out and about. The Snow Leopard plush backpack has a plush head, arms, and legs, and includes two adjustable back straps. Price is for 1 backpack. Learn More


    Plush Dinosaur Pillows (3 pc)

    Everyone will be ready to make friends with dinosaurs when they see these Plush Dinosaur Pillows. These pillows come in 3 designs and 3 sizes, ranging from 16 inches - 19 1/2 inches x 10 inches - 12 inches. Assorted Colors and Designs. 3 piece set. Learn More

  6. Volcano Dino House Pal

    Dino Pal Volcano House Playset (1 set)

    Get ready for some prehistoric fun with this Dino Pal Volcano House Playset. This 12 inch volcano house comes with its own plush dino friends. Plush toy set. Learn More

  7. Rabbit’s Foot Key Chains

    Synthetic Rabbit's Foot Key Chains (3 dz)

    Want a lucky rabbits foot but don't want to hurt a poor innocent bunny? Help yourself be more lucky with these Synthetic Rabbit's Foot Key Chains. Each rabbit foot is made using synthetic fur and dyed to look more fashionable. Perfect as prizes or goody bag treats. Learn More

  8. Plush Smile Stars (2 dz)

    Plush Smile Stars (2 dz)

    Girls will love making friends with these Plush Smile Stars. Perfect prizes for carnivals or outer space parties!

    • 2 Dozen Plush Smile Stars.
    • Stars Measure 3 Inches.
    • Plush.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  9. Plush Birthday Cake

    Plush Birthday Cake

    Help someone know they are the special birthday girl with this Plush Birthday Cake. Perfect for classrooms or the office.

    • 1 Plush Birthday Cake.
    • Cake Measures 15 Inches x 13 Inches.
    • Plush.
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  10. Plush Neon Guitars (4 pcs)

    Plush Neon Guitars (4 pcs)

    Looking for the perfect party favors for your daughter's rock star themed birthday party? She is sure to love these Plush Neon Guitars!

    • 4 Plush Neon Guitars.
    • Guitars Measure 10 Inches.
    • Assorted Colors.
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Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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