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  1. Inflatable Metallic Beach Balls (1 dz)

    Inflatable Metallic Beach Balls (1 dz)

    Inflatable metallic beach balls feature 6 colors with a metallic sheen. These are fun party favors at pool parties, beach parties or luaus and make for great party games.

    • Beach balls measure 18"
    • 1 dozen
    • Sold deflated
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  2. Inflatable Pond Ducks (1 dz)

    Inflatable Pond Ducks (1 dz)

    Kids will be quaking when they see these cute Inflatable Pond Ducks. Perfect for rubbery ducky birthday parties.

    • 1 Dozen Inflatable Pond Ducks.
    • Ducks Measure 18 Inches.
    • Vinyl.
    • Ducks.
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  3. Water Bomb Soaker Ball Assortment (1 dz)

    Water Bomb Soaker Ball Assortment (1 dz)

    Cool off this summer with a fun water fight with these Water Bomb Soaker Ball Assortment. Just place these balls in water and then toss them at an unsuspecting friend for a good time!

    • 1 Dozen Balls
    • Balls Measure 2 3/4"
    • Nylon Soaker Balls
    • Assorted Colors
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  4. Fish Water Toys (1 dz)

    Fish Water Toys (1 dz)

    Kids will love fishing into their goody bags to find these Fish Water Toys! This color fish game is easy to play - just push the buttons and try to get the floating rings on the target.

    • 1 Dozen Fish Water Toys
    • Water Games Measure 5 Inches.
    • Plastic.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  5. Animal Water Guns (24 pc)

    Animal Water Guns (24 pc)

    Prepare for some fun underwater adventure with these Animal Water guns. These fun guns are great additions to any pool or summer themed party.

    • You get 6 bags of water guns with 4 in each bag,(24 total guns total)
    • Measures: 3 1/2"
    • Plastic
    • Assorted Colors
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  6. Sea Life Soakers  (1 dz)

    Sea Life Soakers (1 dz)

    Tired of paying for water balloons? Check out these cute Sea Life Soakers! Just fill these foam toys with water and throw for some watery fun!

    • 1 Dozen Sea Life Soakers.
    • Soakers Measure 3 Inches - 5 Inches.
    • Foam.
    • Assorted Styles.
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  7. Water Balloon Bombs (Approx. 480)

    Water Balloon Bombs (Approx. 480)

    Make your summer party even more fun with these Water Balloon Bombs. These latex balloons comes with an easy to fill 1 1/2 inch plastic funnel. Kids will love this water balloon set!

    • Approx 480 Water Balloon Bombs.
    • Balloons Measure 1 1/2 Inches.
    • 1 Plastic Funnel.
    • Latex Balloons.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  8. Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls (1 dz)

    Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls (1 dz)

    Expect a big splash when your kids discover these fun Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls in their summer goody bag. Drench these fun zoo animals in water and watch the fun in your back yard.

    • 1 dozen
    • Measures: 3"
    • Foam
    • Assorted Animals
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  9. Sweet Squirters

    Sweet Squirters Water Guns (1 dz)

    Get ready for a fun water fight with these Sweet Squirters™ Water Guns. Each of these plastic water guns come with 12 oz of fat free, fruit flavored candy. Perfect for outdoor fun! Learn More

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