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  1. Monkey Slime Assortment

    Monkey Slime Assortment (1 dz)

    Encourage kids to monkey around at your event with this Monkey Slime Assortment. These plastic containers contain liquid slime inside and measure 4 inches. Assorted Colors. 1 dozen monkey slime kits per set. Learn More

  2. Zoo Animal Hedge Balls

    Zoo Animal Hedge Balls (12 pc)

    Children of all ages will giggle when they see these cute Zoo Animal Hedge Balls. Place these cute animals in zoo themed goody bags for some prickly fun.

    • 1 Dozen Zoo Animal Balls.
    • Measures: 2" Each.
    • Assorted Zoo Animals.
    Learn More

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  3. Zoo Animal Porcupine Characters (1 dz)

    Zoo Animal Porcupine Characters (1 dz)

    Children will love these cute little zoo porcupine animals. These prickly character ball characters can be used for a pretend jungle safari, as well as birthday party favors.

    • 1 Dozen
    • Vinyl
    • Measures 2 1/2"
    • Assorted Animals
    Learn More

  4. Zoo Pill Puzzle Watches

    Zoo Pill Puzzle Watches (1 dz)

    Children will love being stylish and having fun at the same time with these Zoo Pill Puzzle Watches. Each of these watches include a simple puzzle for kids. Includes a fun zoo animal design. Learn More

  5. Orangutan Puffer Balls

    Orangutan Puffer Balls (12 pc)

    Children will giggle when they find these cute Orangutan Puffer Balls in their goody bags. These colorful jungle friends have soft, rubbery spikes that kids of all ages are sure to love!

    • 1 Dozen Orangutan Puffer Balls.
    • Puffer Balls Measure 4.7 Inches.
    • Orangutan.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  6. Zoo Jungle Animal Paratroopers (4 dz)

    Zoo Jungle Animal Paratroopers (4 dz)

    Throw these wild paratroopers in the air and watch them float to the ground. Great for a jungle, zoo or safari themed party.

    • 4 dozen per set
    • Assorted jungle animals
    • 1 1/2" vinyl animals
    • Attached parachutes
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  7. Zoo Animal Finger Puppets

    Zoo Animal Finger Puppets (12 pcs)

    Kids will love giving adorable impromptu puppet shows with these Zoo Animal Finger Puppets. These adorable animals easily fit on little fingers and are perfect for zoo or jungle themed birthday parties.

    • 1 Dozen Zoo Animal Finger Puppets.
    • Measures: 2."
    • Assorted Designs.
    • Assorted Colors.
    Learn More

  8. Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls (1 dz)

    Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls (1 dz)

    Expect a big splash when your kids discover these fun Foam Zoo Animal Soaker Balls in their summer goody bag. Drench these fun zoo animals in water and watch the fun in your back yard.

    • 1 dozen
    • Measures: 3"
    • Foam
    • Assorted Animals
    Learn More

  9. Plush Jungle Animal Key Chains (1 dz)

    Plush Jungle Animal Key Chains (1 dz)

    Any girl is going to go wild getting one of these adorable plush animal key chains. Girls of all ages will love these little animals, which are ideal for slumber and birthday parties.

    • 1 Dozen
    • Measures 5"
    • Assorted Animals
    • Key Chains
    Learn More

  10. Light Up Puffer Elephants

    Light Up Puffer Elephants (1 dz)

    Make children smile at your event with these Light Up Puffer Elephants. Each of these glowing elephants flash when you squeeze them and puff up as well! These colorful elephants measure 5 inches. Assorted Colors. Batteries Included. 1 dozen elephants per set. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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