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  1. Double Gun Dart Set

    Plastic Double Gun Dart Set

    Everyone will be ready for some target practice with this Plastic Double Gun Dart Set. Fun 15 piece set for kids. Learn More

  2. Sweet Squirters

    Sweet Squirters Water Guns (1 dz)

    Help children prepare for a water fun with a gun that rewards them with candy too! Kids of all ages will love the Sweet Squirters™ Water Guns! Learn More

  3. Pirate Hook

    Pirate Hook (1 dz)

    Help kids look like real pirates with these plastic Pirate Hooks. Plastic hooks fit over hand and are perfect for any pirate costume. Learn More

  4. Plastic Alien Shooters

    Plastic Alien Shooters (1 dz sets)

    Children will love making aliens fly with these Plastic Alien Shooters. Set comes with alien and shooter. Learn More

  5. Disappearing Knifes

    Disappearing Knives (12 pcs)

    Kids will love tricking their friends with this Disappearing Knife magic trick. This totally safe plastic blade is harmless and spring loaded to make the knife look like it disappeared. .

    • 1 Dozen Disappearing Knives.
    • Measures: 2" x 1."
    • Assorted Colors.
    Learn More

5 Item(s)

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