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Novelty Toys

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  1. Glow-in-the-Dark Putty Alien Baby Eggs (2 dz)

    Glow-in-the-Dark Putty Alien Baby Eggs (2 dz)

    Glow-in-the-dark alien eggs contain a baby alien in gooey putty. Baby alien eggs glow in the dark and come in assorted space age colors. These are fun party favors for outer space birthday parties. Eggs open so alien babies can be removed. Eggs measure 3 inches each and come 24 pcs per set.

    • 24 Alien Baby Eggs per order
    • 3 inch eggs
    • Assorted colors
    • glow in the dark
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  2. Squeezable Sticky Frogs (1 dz)

    Squeezable Sticky Frogs (1 dz)

    Adorable vinyl squeezable sticky frogs. Great as a party favor. Kids love to squeeze them!

    • 12 Per order
    • Assorted colors
    • 2 1/2"
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    Sticky Hands on Sticks (1 dz)

    Every child at your event will be giggling when they see these Sticky Hands on Sticks. These 6 1/2 inch plastic sticks include a colored 9 inch sticky hand. Assorted Colors. 1 dozen sticky hands per set. Learn More

  4. Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

    Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

    Why buy bouncing ball when you can make your own with Bouncing Putty? This fun putty is a great activity for children of all ages.

    • 1 Dozen Neon Putty Containers
    • Putty Bounces
    • Assorted Neon Colors
    • 3" Containers of Multi-Colored Putty
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  5. Puppy Putty Eye Friends

    Puppy Putty Eye Friends (12 pc)

    Kids will be barking in delight when they find these cute Puppy Putty Eye Friends. These fun pups are perfect for dog themed birthday parties!

    • 1 Dozen Puppy Putty Eye Friends.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Assorted Dogs.
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    Regular Price: $10.88

    Now only: $8.76

  6. Rainbow Putty Balls (1 dz)

    Rainbow Putty Balls (1 dz)

    Bring an old childhood classic to your child's birthday party with these Rainbow Putty Balls. These pretty and gooey balls are great for any girly birthday bash.

    • 1 Dozen
    • Measures: 1 5/8"
    • Putty
    • Sparkling
    • Assorted Colors
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  7. Metallic Star Putty (12 pc)

    Metallic Star Putty (12 pc)

    Children will love to get their hands on this Metallic Star Putty. Each translucent star has five compartments with a different colored putty in each compartment. Each star section has purple, gold, red, pink, or turquoise putty inside!

    • 1 Dozen Metallic Star Putty Sets.
    • Star Measures 3 Inches.
    • Plastic.
    • 5 Compartments
    • 5 Putty Colors.
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    Regular Price: $16.99

    Now only: $15.72

  8. Dinosaur Fossil Putty Assortment

    Dinosaur Fossil Putty Sets (1 dz)

    Make learning about dinosaurs even more fun with these Dinosaur Fossil Putty Sets. This set includes a faux dinosaur fossil figure inside. Putty measures 3 1/2 inches and comes in a variety of colors. 1 dozen fossil putty sets. Learn More

  9. Colorful Gooey Duck Slime

    Colorful Gooey Duck Slime (12 pc)

    Give children a sticky treat they are sure to love with these Colorful Gooey Duckies. These transparent ducks have a screw off bottom for storing the sticky putty when you are done!

    • 1 Dozen Colorful Gooey Duckies.
    • Ducks Measure 3 Inches.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Slime filled ducks.
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    Regular Price: $25.02

    Now only: $20.14

  10. Sticky Bear Claws - 72 pc

    Sticky Bear Claws - 72 pc

    Kids will be excited to get their paws on these Sticky Bear Claws! These sticky claws are perfect for any animal themed party!

    • 6 Dozen Stick Bear Claws.
    • Claws Measure 1 1/4 Inches on 7 Inch String.
    • Red, Yellow, Blue, & Green.
    • Vinyl.
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    Regular Price: $10.70

    Now only: $9.90

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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