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  1. Flying Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    Flying Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    Every child at your party will light up when they open their goody bags and find a foam gliders from this Flying Glider Assortment. These gliders are perfect for military themed parties or as kids prizes. Learn More

  2. Bug Shaped Gliders (2 dz)

    Bug Shaped Gliders (2 dz)

    Children love toys, especially cool gliders like these Bug Shaped Gliders. These gliders love to soar their way into goody bags and prize chests. Learn More

  3. Stretchable Flying Frogs (1 dz)

    Stretchable Flying Frogs (1 dz)

    Vinyl Stretchable Flying Frogs. 3 1/2". Fun to fling around and watch them fly! Learn More

  4. Frog Parachutists (1 dz)

    Frog Parachutists (1 dz)

    Children love watching these Frog Parachutists fly through the air as they leap for a safe landing. Place these fun frogs in goody bags at any frog themed party. Learn More
  5. Camouflage Gliders (4 dz)

    Camouflage Gliders (4 dz)

    Kids will love having flying races outside with these Camouflage Gliders. These easy to assemble gliders are perfect for flying into airplane themed goody bags! Learn More

  6. Twin Tail Fighter Glider Airpane Assortment (2 dz)

    Twin Tail Fighter Glider Airpane Assortment (2 dz)

    Your little pilot will love these foam Twin Tail Fighter Gliders. Watch as these gliders fly their way into children's goody bags or prize boxes. Learn More

  7. Foam Space Shuttle Gliders (1 dz)

    Foam Space Shuttle Gliders (1 dz)

    Prepare for liftoff with these Space Shuttle Foam Gliders. With these fun gliders, children will be dreaming of reaching the stars. Learn More

  8. Butterfly Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    Butterfly Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    A great party favor for a garden party! Just attach the body to the wings and let the butterfly fly! Learn More

  9. Bird Gliders (1 dz)

    Bird Gliders (1 dz)

    Children love dreaming of flying in the air, especially like these cool Bird Gliders. These gliders are perfect carnival prizes or goody bag treats. Learn More

  10. Airplane Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    Airplane Glider Assortment (4 dz)

    Create your own air show with these Airplane Gliders. Children will love watching these fun planes fly through the sky. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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