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  1. Sticky Eerie Eyeballs (1 dz)

    Sticky Eerie Eyeballs (1 dz)

    Kids love these creepy looking Sticky Eerie Eyeballs. Hide these eyes to get a few screams at your next Halloween or monster themed party. Learn More

  2. Glow-In-Dark Eye Ball

    Glow In the Dark Eye Balls (12 pc)

    Keep an eye on everyone at your spooky event with these Glow In the Dark Eye Balls. Each of these balls glow in the dark and measure 32 mm. 1 dozen balls per set with assorted designs. Learn More

  3. Neon Sticky Eyeballs (1 dz)

    Neon Sticky Eyeballs (1 dz)

    Give each of your guests an eerie chill with these Neon Sticky eyeballs. These creepy eyes are a great addition to any Halloween goody bag. Learn More

  4. Slide Eye Balls

    Slide Eye Balls (1 dz)

    Have a ball at your spooky party with these Slide Eye Balls. Perfect for creeping out adults! Learn More

  5. Colorful Eye Ball

    Colorful Eye Balls (1 dz)

    Keep an 'eye' on all the kids at your party with these Colorful Eye Balls. Each ball features a fun eye design. Learn More

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