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Novelty Toys

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  1. Out-of-this-World Vinyl Aliens (4 dz)

    Out-of-this-World Vinyl Aliens (4 dz)

    Out-of-this-world vinyl aliens are fun space age party favors. Aliens measure 1" 4 dozen.

    • 1" Aliens
    • Assorted styles
    • 4 dozen per set.
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  2. Alien Slime Putty Assortments (1 dz)

    Alien Slime Putty Assortments (1 dz)

    These jars of colorful slime have an eerie surprise inside--an alien! Alien slime putty comes in assorted bright colors, each with a tiny alien hiding inside. These are fun party favors at alien-themed or outer space birthday parties.

    • Containers of alien amoeba putty measure 3" each.
    • 1 dozen
    • Assorted colors
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    Regular Price: $26.69

    Now only: $22.62

  3.  Eyeball Bendable with Suction Feet

    Eyeball Bendable with Suction Feet (24 pc)

    Get ready to scare all of the adults with these Eyeball Bendable with Suction Feet. These figures come in a variety of colors and measure 4 inches. With suction cup feet and bendable legs, they can be placed just about anywhere! 2 dozen eyeball figures sold per set. Learn More

  4. Alien Sling Shots (1 dz)

    Alien Sling Shots (1 dz)

    Kids will be ready to shoot alien invaders back to their own planet when they find these Alien Sling Shots. These sets comes with two aliens and one slingshot per set.

    • 1 Dozen Alien Sling Shots.
    • Sling Shots Measure 4 Inches.
    • 2 Aliens per Set.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  5. Alien Woven Kickballs (1 dz)

    Alien Woven Kickballs (1 dz)

    Children will think these alien woven kickballs are out of this world when they find them in their gift bag. These spooky kickballs are great additions to any birthday goody bag or prize chest.

    • 1 Dozen Kickballs
    • Measures 2" Each
    • Assorted Colors
    • Woven Alien Design
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    Regular Price: $11.79

    Now only: $9.99

  6. Sticky Alien Toys (1 dz)

    Sticky Alien Toys (1 dz)

    Sticky alien figures come in assorted colors and are fun to fling and stick. The aliens are 3 inches long on a cord made of the same material so they can be tossed and retrieved indefinitely. These sticky aliens come in assorted bright colors and are great space age or outer space party favors.

    • 1 dozen per set
    • Assorted colors
    • 3" Sticky Aliens
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  7. Bendable Alien Toys (1 dz)

    Bendable Alien Toys (1 dz)

    These adorable alien toys are a great party favor for a fun alien themed party.

    • 1 Dozen per set.
    • Bendable
    • 3" Tall Figures
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    Regular Price: $10.77

    Now only: $9.13

  8. Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Hi-Bounce Balls

    Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Hi-Bounce Balls (1 dz)

    Glow-in-the-dark alien balls are fun party favors or toys for an outer space birthday party. These hi-bounce balls feature an alien face and glow green like alien goo. Glowing balls measure 1.8 inches each and come 1 dozen per set.

    • 12 Alien balls per set
    • Glow in the dark
    • Balls measure 1.8 inches each
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  9. Alien Tube Putty Tubes (2 dz)

    Alien Tube Putty Tubes (2 dz)

    Looking for an out of this world treat to put in your outer space goody bags? Kids of all ages are sure to love these Alien Tube Putty Tubes!

    • 2 Dozen Alien Tube Putty Tubes.
    • Tubes Measure 3.5 Inches.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  10. Alien Sunglasses

    Alien Sunglasses (1 dz)

    Kids will love pretending they are real aliens while playing outside with these Alien Sunglasses. These glasses are designed to look like alien eyes and the lenses are UV protected. Perfect for any alien themed party. 1 dozen glasses per set. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

Set Descending Direction
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