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Novelty Toys

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  1. Plastic Kazoos (6 dz)

    Plastic Kazoos (6 dz)

    Every child will love making music at your birthday party with these fun Plastic Kazoos. Place these kazoos at each table setting for some music as everyone sings Happy Birthday!

    • 6 Dozen Kazoos
    • Measures: 2 1/2
    • Assorted Colors
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  2. Mini Air Horn Pumps

    Mini Air Horn Pumps (12 pc)

    Make some noise at your event with this Mini Air Horn Pump. Just pump it up for a loud boom noise

    • 1 Dozen Mini Air Horn Pumps.
    • Measures: 8 1/2."
    • Requires Pump Motion.
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  3. Alien Mini Basketball (1 pc)

    Alien Mini Basketball (1 pc)

    These mini basketballs are great party favors for a space or alien theme party.

    • 1 Ball per set
    • They measure 7"
    • Sold deflated
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  4. Rock Star Themed Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Rock Star Themed Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    With ducks about to rock, we salute you! Use these fowl boys of rock and roll for party favors that are sure to go platinum.

    • 1 Dozen duckies.
    • 2".
    • Assorted rock star ducks.
    • Ducks do not float upright.
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  5. Double Gun Dart Set

    Plastic Double Gun Dart Set

    Kids will love having some target practice at home with this Plastic Double Gun Dart Set. This 15 piece set includes 2 guns that can hold up to 3 darts. Great gift for boys! Learn More

  6. Zoo Animal Fanny Pinchers (1 dz)

    Zoo Animal Fanny Pinchers (1 dz)

    Kids will love playing practical jokes on their friends with these Zoo Animal Fanny Pinchers. Just pull the trigger and listen for the giggles.

    • 1 Dozen Pinchers
    • Measures: 18"
    • Assorted Zoo Animals
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  7. Micro Dinosaur Basketball

    Micro Dinosaur Basketball

    Get ready for some prehistoric fun with this Micro Dinosaur Basketball. This basketball measures 5 inches, making it perfect for most children's sporting events. Learn More

  8. Multi-Color Regulation Basketball

    Multi-Color Regulation Basketball

    Kids will be ready to shoot some hoops with this Multi-Color Regulation Basketball. This regulation size basketball is perfect for kids.

    • 1 Multi-Color Regulation Basketball.
    • Basketball Measures 9 Inches.
    • Basketball Sold Deflated.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Color Varies.
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  9. Push Duck

    Push Duck

    Children will love running about with this fun little Push Duck! Just push this duck foward and back to make its wings move and its head bob. This toy also includes a spinning globe and bells This push toy measures 9 inches x 7 inches x 6 inches. Some simple assembly required. Sold as 1 toy. Learn More

  10. Mini Football Missile (2 dz)

    Mini Football Missile (2 dz)

    Kids will have fun launching balls into the air with these Mini Football Missiles. These missiles are a fun, innovative way to throw balls!

    • 2 Dozen Mini Football Missiles.
    • Balls Measure 4 1/2 Inches.
    • Foam.
    • Football.
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Items 1 to 10 of 47 total

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