Novelty Toys

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  1. Going Buggy Magnifiers (3 dz)

    Going Buggy Magnifiers (3 dz)

    Make learning about the outdoors even more fun with these Going Buggy Magnifiers. These magnifying glasses are perfect for camp or classroom room! Learn More

  2. Vinyl Insect Finger Puppets (1 dz)

    Vinyl Insect Finger Puppets (1 dz)

    These vinyl finger puppets are great for telling stories or learning about creepy bugs in science class. Kids of all ages will love these Insect Finger Puppets. Learn More
  3. Growing Snake Eggs (1 dz)

    Growing Snake Eggs (1 dz)

    Give children a fun science project they are sure to love with these Growing Snake Eggs. Place these eggs in water and within 48 hours, the egg will grow and hatch a cute, pet snake, who will then grow even more! Learn More

  4. Bug Shaped Gliders (2 dz)

    Bug Shaped Gliders (2 dz)

    Children love toys, especially cool gliders like these Bug Shaped Gliders. These gliders love to soar their way into goody bags and prize chests. Learn More

  5. Bug Buddies Paddleballs

    Bug Buddies Paddleballs (1 dz)

    Get ready for a buggy good time with these Bug Buddies Paddleballs. All sets include a fun bug design and rubber ball. Learn More

  6. Colorful Stretchable Snakes (1 dz)

    Colorful Stretchable Snakes (1 dz)

    Children love to creep out adults with plastic bugs and snakes, especially snakes like the ones in these Colorful Stretchable Snakes! These colorful snakes love to slither their way into children's goody bags! Learn More

  7. Insect Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Insect Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Looking for the perfect toy to get children interested in bugs? These fun Insect Rubber Duckies are great for bath time or to get kids more interested in science! Learn More

  8. Growing Lizards (1 dz)

    Growing Lizards (1 dz)

    Your children will love watching these Growing Lizards come to life right before their eyes. Within 72 hours, these amazing toys will grow six times their size, than back again when removed from water. One thing is for certain, your children will not stop playing with these cute toys. Learn More
  9. Wooden Wiggle Snake (1 dz)

    Wooden Wiggle Snake (1 dz)

    Watch girls giggle and squirm when they see these Wooden Wiggle Snakes. These wooden snakes wiggle like real snakes! Learn More

  10. Assorted Color Wiggle Snakes (3 dz)

    Assorted Color Wiggle Snakes (3 dz)

    These little wiggle snakes are a fun addition to any rain-forest themed party. Don't be surprised if your little adventurers are slithering these little snakes around your house and yard. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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