Novelty Toys

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  1. Light Up Turtle

    Light Up Turtle

    Make your under the sea party even cuter with this Light Up Turtle. This 7 inch turtle moves when the string on its back is pulled. Sold as 1 turtle. Learn More

  2. Green School Spirit Party Poppers

    Green School Spirit Party Poppers (1 dz)

    Show some crazy school spirit with these Green School Spirit Party Poppers. These 4 1/4 inch cardboard poppers are perfect for homecoming dancers or prep rallies. 1 dozen poppers per set. Learn More

  3. Frog Parachutists

    Frog Parachutists (12 pc)

    Children love watching these Frog Parachutists fly through the air as they leap for a safe landing. Place these fun frogs in goody bags at any frog themed party.

    • 1 Dozen Frogs Per Set.
    • Measures: 1.3 inches.
    • Parachute Included.
    Learn More
  4. Paper Play Money (12 dz)

    Paper Play Money (12 dz)

    Children will think they are rich when they see all of this Paper Play Money. Use this money for your own school currency or as a way for children to buy prizes at your next event. Each Set includes three $1 bills, three $5 bills, two $10 bills, one $20 bill, one $50 bill, and one $100 bill.

    • 12 Dozen Paper Play Money Sets.
    • 10 Pieces per Set.
    • Money Measures 4 Inches.
    • Paper.
    Learn More

  5. Camouflage Mini Basketball

    Camouflage Mini Basketball

    Kids will be ready to fight for their freedom on the basketball court with this Camouflage Mini Basketball. Perfect for basketball themed parties!

    • 1 Camouflage Mini Basketball.
    • Basketball Measures 7 Inches.
    • Camouflage.
    • Sold Deflated.
    Learn More

  6. Alien Sunglasses

    Alien Sunglasses (1 dz)

    Kids will love pretending they are real aliens while playing outside with these Alien Sunglasses. These glasses are designed to look like alien eyes and the lenses are UV protected. Perfect for any alien themed party. 1 dozen glasses per set. Learn More

  7. Smiley Spring Key Chains (1 dz)

    Smiley Spring Key Chains (1 dz)

    Make someone you care about smile with these Smiley Spring Key Chains. Great way to make someone smile by putting these key chains on your favorite key ring or on backpacks.

    • 1 Dozen Smiley Spring Key Chains.
    • Key Chains Measure 2 Inches.
    • Ring Included.
    Learn More

  8. Sticky Stretchy Green Frogs (1 dz)

    Sticky Stretchy Green Frogs (1 dz)

    Every child at your party will giggle when they see these Sticky Stretchy Green Frogs. Place these frogs in goody bags or treasure chests for some stretchy fun.

    • 1 Dozen Stretchy Frogs
    • Measures: 4"
    • Stretchy
    • Sticky
    Learn More
  9. Camouflage Rubber Duckys (12 pcs)

    Camouflage Rubber Duckys (12 pcs)

    An adorable assortment of camouflage rubber duck soldiers. Great as party favors for an army or military themed event.

    • 2"
    • Assorted styles
    • 12 Per order
    • Ducks do not float upright
    Learn More

  10. Jumbo Green Skull Bank

    Jumbo Green Skull Bank

    Make saving your pirate booty even more fun with this Jumbo Green Polystone Skull Bank. This 10 inch skull bank features a fun skull design and is perfect for little pirates. Sold as 1 bank. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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