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  1. Pirate Ducky Key Chains (2 dz)

    Pirate Ducky Key Chains (2 dz)

    Help your favorite swashbucklers prepare for their trip on the seven seas with these Pirate Ducky Key Chains. These ducks love to travel with kids of all ages! Learn More

  2. Mini Pirate Basketball

    Mini Pirate Basketball

    Get ready to play basketball like a true pirate with this Mini Pirate Basketball. This ball is perfect for any pirate themed party. Learn More

  3. Pirate Bubble Gum Machine

    Pirate Bubble Gum Machine

    Give your little pirates booty they are sure to love with this Pirate Bubble Gum Machine. Kids will love paying their crew with fun gum from this machine! Learn More

  4. Skull & Bones Bouncing Balls (4 dz)

    Skull & Bones Bouncing Balls (4 dz)

    After seeing these Skull and Crossbones Bouncing Balls, kids will want to immediately play with them. These bouncing balls are great classroom prizes or items for a goody bag at a Pirate themed party. Learn More

  5. Toy Pirate Figure Assortment (1 dz)

    Toy Pirate Figure Assortment (1 dz)

    Kids will love pretending to be the captain of their own pirate ship with these PVC Pirate Figures. These colorful pirates are perfect for kids goody bags, or to help your kids build their own pretend pirate crew for raiding the seven seas. Learn More

  6. Pirate Hook

    Pirate Hook (1 dz)

    Help kids look like real pirates with these plastic Pirate Hooks. Plastic hooks fit over hand and are perfect for any pirate costume. Learn More

  7. Angry Skull Basketball

    Angry Skull Basketball

    Kids will be ready to play some serious basketball with this Angry Skull Basketball. This regulation sized basketball is perfect for any pirate themed parties! Learn More

  8. Pirate Rubber Ducks (1 dz)

    Pirate Rubber Ducks (1 dz)

    Use these pirate theme rubber ducks as decorations or party favors at your next pirate themed birthday party or event. Also great for a luau. Learn More

  9. Pirate Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Pirate Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Kids will love making their own pirate crew with these Pirate Rubber Duckies! These ducks are perfect for some bath time fun or as cute goody bag treats! Learn More

  10. Jumbo Green Skull Bank

    Jumbo Green Skull Bank

    Children will love learning how to save money with this Jumbo Green Skull Bank. This skull bank is perfect for little pirates! Learn More

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