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  1. Growing Zoo Animals (1 dz)

    Growing Zoo Animals (1 dz)

    Your children will love watching these Growing Zoo Animals come to life right before their eyes. Within 72 hours, these amazing toys will grow six times their size, than back again when removed from water. One thing is for certain, your children will not stop playing with these cute toys. Learn More
  2. Growing Dinosaur Eggs

    Growing Dinosaur Eggs (1 dz)

    Every child will love watching their own dinosaur hatch with these Growing Dinosaur Eggs. Each egg contains a dinosaur that grow in water. Learn More

  3. Growing Animal Capsule Sets - 12 pc

    Growing Animal Capsule Sets - 12 pc

    Magic Growing Animal Capsules. These 3/4" capsules grow into 2 1/2" assorted soft foam animals Do not swallow. Once dozen packs per order. (Each pack contains 12 capsules) Learn More

  4. Growing Penguin Eggs (1 dz)

    Growing Penguin Eggs (1 dz)

    Give children a fun science project they are sure to love with these Growing Penguin Eggs. Place these eggs in water and within 48 hours, the egg will grow and hatch a cute, pet penguin, who will then grow even more! Learn More

  5. Dinosaur Fossil Putty Assortment

    Dinosaur Fossil Putty Sets (1 dz)

    Children will love learning about dinosaurs when they find these Dinosaur Fossil Putty Sets. Each putty set has a dinosaur figure inside! Learn More

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