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Inflatable Novelty Hammers

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  • Neon Inflatable Hammers (12 pc)

    Kids will love working out their problems on the playground with these Neon Inflatable Hammers. These colorful hammers are perfect for outdoor fun or pool parties.

    • 1 Dozen Neon Inflatable Hammers.
    • Measures: 14".
    • Hammers Sold Deflated.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  • Zoo Animal Mallet Inflatables (1 dz)

    Kids will love goofing off outside with these Zoo Animal Mallet Inflatables. Each of these mallets feature a cute zoo animal and measure 14 inches when inflated. Assorted animals. 1 dozen hammers per set. Learn More

  • Whack Hammer (1 dz)

    Get ready to have fun whacking your friends with these Whack Hammers. Kids will love finding these inflatable hammers in goody bags or as a unique prize at your event. These hammers measure 22 inches and are sold deflated. 1 dozen hammers per set. Learn More

  • Inflatable Girl Power Hammers (1 dz)

    Show everyone how strong girl power really is with these Inflatable Girl Power Hammers. Perfect for pool parties or as fun carnival prizes!

    • 1 Dozen Inflatable Girl Power Hammers.
    • Hammer Measure 36 Inches.
    • Vinyl.
    • Assorted Colors.
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    Regular Price: $21.99

    Now only: $14.79

  • Skull Hammer Inflatables (12 pc)

    Children will be ready for battle on the seven seas with these Skull Hammer Inflatables. These hammers are perfect for pirate themed parties or pool parties.

    • 1 Dozen Skull Hammer Inflatables.
    • Hammers Measure 36 Inches.
    • Vinyl Hammers. (Sold Deflated)
    • Pirate or Skull Theme.
    • Assorted Colors.
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    Regular Price: $22.57

    Now only: $15.02

  • Inflatable Zoo Animal Mallets (1 dz)

    Children will have fun goofing off in the pool with these Zoo Animal Mallet Inflates. Just blow up and watch children smack each other in the pool with this silly mallet!

    • 1 Dozen Zoo Animal Mallet Inflates.
    • Vinyl.
    • Sold Deflated.
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  • Monkey Mallet Inflates (1 dz)

    Children will love to monkey around as they smack each other with these Monkey Mallet Inflatables. These monkey inflatables are perfect for outdoor play.

    • 1 Dozen Monkey Mallet Inflatable.s
    • Inflatables Measure 22 Inches.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Sold Deflated.
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  • Inflatable Dolphin Hammers (1 dz)

    Your kids will love hammering away in the pool with these Inflatable Dolphin Hammers. These toys are great for pool time fun or roughhousing in the yard.

    • 1 Dozen Inflatable Hammers
    • Measures: 38"
    • Assorted Colors
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    Regular Price: $26.31

    Now only: $17.41

  • Inflatable Alien Mallets (1 dz)

    Get ready to attack those dangerous aliens with these Alien Inflatable Mallets. children will love playing Heroes and Aliens with these fun mallets.

    • 1 Dozen Mallets
    • Measures: 22"
    • Assorted Colors
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  • Inflatable Zoo Animal Hammers (1 dz)

    Children will love hammering away with these Inflatable Zoo Animal Hammers. Put these hammers in zoo themed goody bags or hand out as carnival prizes.

    • 1 Dozen Hammers.
    • Measures: 14"
    • Vinyl Hammers.
    • Assorted Animals.
    • Sold Deflated.
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