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Looking for the perfect party assortments for your child's birthday party? For many parents, finding the perfect collection of party favors can be tricky. You know you want to make every child at the party happy, but with everyone liking different types of toys, it can be tricky for parents to purchase the right type and amount of party favors. Rather than take the risk of buying individual  toys children may not like, considering buying an assortment pack filled with a variety of different toys and activities. With these assortment packs you receive a variety of different colored and sized toys, making sure you have a large selection of every toy that children could possibly love at your party.

Along with party assortment packs mixed with toys, you can also find a variety of themed toys perfect for kids of all ages. We especially love some of the fun erasers and pencil prize packs, which are perfect for filling up teachers' prize boxes. Best of all, you can even buy many of these assortments in bulk, allowing you to get as many toys as needed to hand out as prizes. With our great prices and constantly changing selection you can easily find the perfect toys for your party at Designed 2B Sweet!

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