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  1. Trumpet Whistle Necklaces (1 dz)

    Trumpet Whistle Necklaces (1 dz)

    Kids will love to toot their own horns with these Trumpet Whistle Necklaces. These colorful necklaces are a great way to make noise at sporting events or outdoor parties. Learn More

  2. Cross Shaped Whistles (4 dz)

    Cross Shaped Whistles (4 dz)

    Make your religious field day even more fun with these Cross Shaped Whistles. These whistles are perfect for Vacation Bible School or other religious youth group events. Learn More

  3. Colorful Spiral Bracelet Whistles (1 dz)

    Colorful Spiral Bracelet Whistles (1 dz)

    Make your field day come alive with these Colorful Spiral Bracelet Whistles! Kids will love blowing these whistles at sports events! Learn More

  4. Plastic Lip Whistles (4 dz)

    Plastic Lip Whistles (4 dz)

    These fun lip whistles are a great party favor. Throw them in the goody bags! Learn More

  5. Duck Bead Whistles (1 dz)

    Duck Bead Whistles (1 dz)

    Children will love bearing rewarded with one of these Duck Bead Whistles. These cute duck whistles are perfect for any kids party! Learn More

  6. Transparent Whistles (1 dz)

    Transparent Whistles (1 dz)

    These transparent whistles are fun for all. Kids will love blowing on these colorful whistles. Learn More

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