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  • Plastic Pirate Skull Goblets (1 dz)

    Pirates will love drinking their 'pirate rum' in these cool looking Plastic Pirate Skull Goblets. These cups are the perfect party favors for pirate themed parties!

    • 1 Dozen Plastic Pirate Skull Goblets.
    • Cups Measure 7 Inches.
    • 4 oz oz.
    • Plastic.
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    Now only: $28.99

  • Wizard Realm Luncheon Napkins (16 pc)

    Make your Harry Potter themed birthday party even more magical with these Wizard Realm Luncheon Napkins. These rich purple 3-ply paper napkins are perfect for cleaning up after dessert. Each napkin measures 13 inches. 16 napkins per set.

    • 16 Wizard Realm Luncheon Napkins.
    • Napkins Measure 13 inches.
    • Paper.
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  • Paper Wizard Realm Cups (8 pc)

    Add some magic to your next party with these Wizard Realm Paper Cups. These Harry Potter inspired cups are ideas for wizard or sorcerer themed parties. Each of these cups measure 3 3/4 inches and hold 9 oz of fluid. 8 cups per set.

    • 8 Wizard Realm Paper Cups.
    • Cups Measure 3 3/4 inches.
    • 8 ounce cups.
    • Paper.
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  • Light Up Jester Hat Headband (1 pc)

    Light Up your Jester's costume this Halloween with this cool Light Up Jester Headband! This colorful headbands is a great way to get noticed during Mardi Gras, Halloween, or even New Years! The 9.5 inch hat lights up and flashes when you push the button. Batteries included. 1 hat per set.

    • 1 Light Up Jester Headband.
    • Headband Measures 9.5 Inches.
    • Light Up.
    • Batteries Included.
    • Flashing Lights.
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  • Wizard Realm Dinner Plates (8 pc)

    Add some magic to your Harry Potter inspired party with these Wizard Realm Dinner Plates. These paper plates have a magic book design with a rich purple and gold color scheme. Each paper plate measures a 9 inch diameter. 8 paper plates per set.

    • 8 Wizard Realm Dinner Plates.
    • Plates Measure 9 Inch Diameter.
    • Paper.
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  • Warrior Knight Costume Set

    Every little warrior will be ready to take on monsters and mystical beasts with this fantastic plastic Knight Set. This adorable set is a great dress-up set for Renaissance Festivals, Halloween, or just some playtime fun. Also great to dress the boys at a princess party! Let them protect all the princesses! Helmet is 10 inches from front to back including the face cover & is 7 inches side to side. Chest protector is 15 inches from shoulder to waist & 13 inches across.

    • Set Includes Sword, Vest, Helmet, & Shield.
    • Sword Measures 23 Inches long.
    • Shield is 17 inches tall and 10 inches wide.
    • Set Is Plastic.
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  • Wizard Realm Dessert Plates (8 pc)

    Make clean up even faster at your party with these Wizard Realm Dessert Plates. These Harry Potter inspired paper plates measure 7 inches and have a 7 inch diameter, making them perfect for birthday cake. 8 paper plates per set.

    • 8 Wizard Realm Dessert Plates.
    • Plates Measure 7 Inches.
    • 7 inch Diameter Plates.
    • Paper.
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  • Vinyl Design-A-Room Monster Set

    Make your party room look like a mad scientists laboratory with this Design-A-Room Monster Set. This set includes 1 evil assistant, 1 window, 1 skeleton monster, 3 shelves, 3 instrument panels, 2 rats, 4 chains, and 1 black brick. Perfect for any Halloween party!

    • 1 Design-A-Room Monster Set.
    • Sheet Measures 3 Ft x 6 Ft.
    • Vinyl.
    • Scissors Required.
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  • Child Super Hero Costume Cape

    Make your child look like a superhero with this Child Super Hero Costume Cape. This 36 inch x 26.75 inch cape is made from non-woven fabric and fits most children.

    • 1 Child Super Hero Costume Cape.
    • Cape Measures 36 inches x 26.75 inches.
    • Child Size.
    • Non-Woven Material.
    • One Size Fits Most.
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  • Skull Wand With Spinning Base

    Kids will love creeping out their friends with this Skull Wand With Spinning Base. This spooky skull wand spins and creates a multicolor light show when you flip the switch. The moving patterns created by this wand creates a 3-D effect as the skull's eye color changes.

    • 1 Skull Wand With Spinning Base.
    • Skull Wand Measures 15 Inches.
    • Light Up.
    • Plastic.
    • Batteries Included.
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10 Item(s)

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