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  1. Skeleton Party Hand Glasses (1 dz)

    Skeleton Party Hand Glasses (1 dz)

    Give a truly spooky look to your party with these Skeleton Hand Party Glasses. Fill with some frightful punch to make all of your guests bones rattle this Halloween season.

    • 1 Dozen Skeleton Hand Party Glasses.
    • Glasses Hold 2 oz.
    • Plastic.
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  2. Bones Candy (19 pks)

    Bones Candy (19 pks)

    A great Halloween party treat! You will get a colorful assortment of skeleton bones in various tart fruit flavors.

    • Approx. 28 pcs. per pack
    • 19 packs per unit
    • 13 oz.
    • Fat-free.
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  3. Plastic Spinal Bubble Bottles (2 dz)

    Plastic Spinal Bubble Bottles (2 dz)

    Trick or Treaters will love finding a trick like these Plastic Spinal Bubble Bottles. These fun candy alternatives hold .14 oz of bubbles and have a spine shaped bubble wand.

    • 2 Dozen Plastic Spinal Bubble Bottles.
    • Bottles Measure 4 1/4 Inches.
    • Skull & Spine Measure 1 1/2 Inches.
    • .14 oz of Bubbles.
    • Plastic.
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  4. Skull & Skeleton Temporary Tattoo Assortment (144 pcs)

    Skull & Skeleton Temporary Tattoo Assortment (144 pcs)

    A great assortment of skull themed temporary tattoos. Great for Halloween or a pirate party!

    • 144 Temporary Tattoos per set
    • Assorted skull & skeleton designs
    • 2"
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  5. Vinyl Design-A-Room Monster Set

    Vinyl Design-A-Room Monster Set

    Make your party room look like a mad scientists laboratory with this Design-A-Room Monster Set. This set includes 1 evil assistant, 1 window, 1 skeleton monster, 3 shelves, 3 instrument panels, 2 rats, 4 chains, and 1 black brick. Perfect for any Halloween party!

    • 1 Design-A-Room Monster Set.
    • Sheet Measures 3 Ft x 6 Ft.
    • Vinyl.
    • Scissors Required.
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  6. Zombie Catch Game

    Inflatable Zombie Catch Game

    Children will have a blast this Halloween at your children's party with this Inflatable Zombie Catch Game. This game features a fun zombie design and the base is filled with stand for more stability. Easily deflates after use for storing. Ball is not included. Learn More

  7. Colorful Spider Rings (12 dz)

    Colorful Spider Rings (12 dz)

    Forget the candy this Halloween and have some spooky, crawly fun with these Colorful Spider Rings. These plastic rings adjust to a child's finger and are perfect for trick or treaters!

    • 12 Dozen Colorful Halloween Spider Rings.
    • Rings Measure 2 Inches.
    • Plastic.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  8. Bag Of Bones (28 pc)

    Bag Of Bones (28 pc)

    Make trick or treaters scream in horror with these Bags of Bones. These realistic looking skeleton bones come in a mesh bag. Perfect for Halloween or pirate themed parties.

    • 28 Bones in the Bags of Bones Set.
    • Bones Measure 6 Inches - 12 Inches.
    • Plastic.
    • Mesh Bag Included.
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  9. Spooky Skull Drinking Cups ( 1 dz)

    Spooky Skull Drinking Cups ( 1 dz)

    Get in the Halloween spirit by offering your guests drinks from these Spooky Skull Drinking Cups. These cups are great for trick or treaters or guests at your Halloween party!

    • 1 Dozen Spooky Skull Drinking Cups
    • 16 oz Cups
    • Plastic
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  10. Foam Skull Relaxables (1 dz)

    Foam Skull Relaxables (1 dz)

    Give your guests a stress reliever that is sure to get a chill this Halloween with these Foam Skull Relaxables. These skulls are perfect party favors for Halloween or any pirate themed party.

    • 1 Dozen Foam Skull Relaxables.
    • Skulls Measure 3 Inches.
    • Foam.
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Items 1 to 10 of 45 total

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