Religious Crafts

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  1. Religious Sticker Roll (100 pc)

    Religious Sticker Roll (100 pc)

    Show children they have been working extra hard with their religious studies by giving them a sticker from this Religious Sticker Roll. With these stickers colorful design, children of all ages will love it. Learn More

  2. Religious Icons Sticker Sheets (2 dz)

    Religious Icons Sticker Sheets (2 dz)

    Give your students a prize they are sure to love for hard work with one of these Religious Icon Sticker Sheets. Perfect for Vacation Bible School, Religious Schools, Christmas, or Easter. Learn More
  3. Make-A-Nativity Sticker Sets (1 dz)

    Make-A-Nativity Sticker Sets (1 dz)

    Children will love telling the story of Christ with these Make-A-Nativity Sticker Sets. Background paper is not included. Learn More

  4. Bible Verse Stickers (100 pc)

    Bible Verse Stickers (100 pc)

    Children will be encouraged to learn their Bible verses with these Bible Verse Stickers. Children of all ages love getting these colorful stickers. Learn More

  5. Religious Sticker Assortment - 10 Rolls

    Religious Sticker Assortment - 10 Rolls

    Express your faith with these Paper Religious Stickers. With these stickers, children will study the lessons of Christ even harder. Learn More

  6. Make-A-Bible Story Stickers (1 dz)

    Make-A-Bible Story Stickers (1 dz)

    Children will love using this sticker set to re-tell their favorite Bible stories. This activity is ideal for preschools, church day cares, or for younger students of VBS. Learn More

  7. New Life Tattoos

    New Life Tattoos (6 dz)

    Make learning about nature more fun with these New Life Tattoos. These tattoos are perfect for little kids and appropriate for religious events! Learn More

  8. Prayer Roll Stickers

    Prayer Roll Stickers

    Make children excited to learn about Jesus with these Prayer Roll Stickers. Perfect reward for Bible lessons. Learn More

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