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  1. Going Buggy Foam Bug Stamps (12 pc)

    Going Buggy Foam Bug Stamps (12 pc)

    Foam stamps come in the fun shape of bugs so you can herald in spring with some great crafts for kids, or any buggy projects! They're great for scrapbooking, and greeting cards, too.

    • Stamps are 3 to 4 inches wide & an inch thick
    • Assorted bugs
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  2. Foam Glitter Heart Stickers

    Foam Glitter Heart Stickers

    These foam glitter heart stickers are fun party favors, craft supplies or scrapbooking supplies and are fun for kids anytime. Use them in a variety of craft projects.

    • 1 Sticker sheet per set
    • Assorted in red or fuchsia.
    • 1/2", 7/8", 1 5/8"
    • 20 Stickers Per Sheet.
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  3. Foam Groovy Scene Kit

    Foam Groovy Scene Kit

    This foam kit has enough foam pieces to make a scene that says Groovy, complete with smiling flowers to give it that friendly 60s flower-power look. Foam scene kits are big mess-free fun for kids!

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  • Foam Flying Gliders Craft Kits (Makes 12)

    Foam Flying Gliders Craft Kits (Makes 12)

    Foam airplane shapes to customize. These fabulous foam creations actually glide when assembled. Gliders come in green, yellow, blue, orange, pink, red and purple. Gliders measure 6". Stickers measure 3/8" - 1/2." Set includes 229 self-adhesive foam shapes to decorate with. Fantastic party activity! Makes 1 dozen planes

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  • Foam Mosaic Monkey Ball Craft Kit

    Foam Mosaic Monkey Ball Craft Kit

    Kids love this foam kits that lets them make a mosaic monkey ball! The ball is a mosaic making up the happy monkeys face, while foam ears and a tail complete this fun kids art project creation.

    • Contains one plastic form (finished creature measures: 2.5" x 3.5"
    • More than 170 11x6x6mm self-adhesive mosaic foam pieces
    • Googly eyes & assorted foam shapes for various features such as tails, ears, feet, mouths & more
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  • Foam Self Stick Insect Shapes (500 pc)

    Foam Self Stick Insect Shapes (500 pc)

    These Fabulous Foam Self-Adhesive Insect Shapes are so cute even girls will love them. Your guests or students can use these princess shapes to add the finishing touches to their scrapbooks, art projects, notebooks, and much more!

    • 500 Assorted bugs per set
    • Self Adhesive Foam Shapes
    • Most Measure 2"
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  • Foam Mini Fingers (1 dz)

    Foam Mini Fingers (1 dz)

    Show some team spirit with these Mini Foam Fingers. These colorful fingers are great for any sports event where you want to prove that your team is number 1!

    • 1 Dozen per order.
    • Measures: 5 Inches.
    • Foam Fingers.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  • Adhesive Foam Letters (1040 pc)

    Adhesive Foam Letters (1040 pc)

    Personalize every craft project with these fun Adhesive Foam Letters. These letters are ideal for nearly any craft project!

    • About 1040 Letters
    • Measures: 1/2"
    • Self Adhesive
    • Foam
    • Assorted Colors
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  • Self-Adhesive Space Shapes (500 pc)

    Self-Adhesive Space Shapes (500 pc)

    Make decorating for your space party more fun for kids with these Self-Adhesive Outer Space Shapes. These foam shapes are perfect for scrapbooking or craft projects.

    • 500 Self-Adhesive Space Shapes.
    • Shapes Measure 1 Inch - 2 Inches.
    • Foam.
    • Self-Adhesive.
    • Assorted Space Designs.
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  • 50 Jumbo Foam Letters (50 pcs)

    50 Jumbo Foam Letters (50 pcs)

    Need the perfect letter for your bulletin board or large art project? This set of 50 Jumbo Foam Letters is perfect for any type of art project!

    • 50 Jumbo Foam Letters.
    • Letters Measure 5 Inches.
    • Foam.
    • Assorted Colors.
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