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Drawstring Bags

Looking for drawstring bags for your party? If you are like many modern parents, you like the idea of having reusable goody bags at your child's party. What is the benefit of using these over traditional plastic or paper bags themed favored bags? For one, these reusable bags are able to hold more than some of the bags since they are designed to be used long term, allowing girls and boys alike to use them later as book bags, lunch bags, or even backpacks! They can also be used for storing little treasures after the party, letting kids use their goody bag over and over again. Today, you can even find drawstring bags in just about every party theme or style. Many of these bags are designed to last, allowing kids to have their own camouflage bag for outdoor camping trips, or something cute and girly that goes along to ballet practice. The possibilities are endless with the variety of bags we sell right here at Designed 2B Sweet. Don't forget that along with our great selection of colored and themed bags for kids, we also offer bulk discounts. If you don't see what you want right away, make sure to keep check back since we are always adding new backpacks, totes, and other awesome fashion options to Designed 2B Sweet!

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