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  1. Butterfly & Dragonfly Charms (3 dz)

    Butterfly & Dragonfly Charms (3 dz)

    Make your butterfly party even more magical with these Butterfly & Dragonfly Charms. These colorful charms are perfect for princess parties or for use as fun charms on jewelry craft projects.

    • 3 Dozen Butterfly & Dragonfly Charms.
    • Charms Measure 5/8 Inch - 3/4 Inch.
    • Enamel.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Assorted Designs.
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  2. Sparkling Rhinestone Cross Charms  (3 dz)

    Sparkling Rhinestone Cross Charms (3 dz)

    Add some sparkle to your religious outing with these Sparkling Rhinestone Cross Charms. These colorful rhinestone and metal crosses are perfect for girly religious events!

    • 3 Dozen Sparkling Rhinestone Cross Charms.
    • Charms Measure 5/8 Inch.
    • Metal & Rhinestone.
    • Assorted Colors.
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  3. Sea Life Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Sea Life Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Trying to find cute charms that every girl at your under the sea party is sure to love? These Sea Life Enamel Charms are perfect for girls of all ages!

    • 3 Dozen Sea Life Enamel Charms.
    • Charms Measure 5/8 Inch to 7/8 Inch.
    • Metal.
    • Assorted Designs.
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  4. Dinosaur Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Dinosaur Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Add that prehistoric feel to your charm bracelets with these Dinosaur Enamel Charms. These colorful charms. These charms are perfect for prehistoric parties!

    • 3 Dozen Dinosaur Enamel Charms.
    • Measure 3/8" - 7/8"x 5/8" - 3/4".
    • Metal.
    • Assorted Dinosaurs.
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  5. Outer Space Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Outer Space Jewelry Charms (3 dz)

    Make learning about outer space fun with these Space Enamel Charms. Perfect for necklaces or making your own outer space themed jewelry!

    • 3 Dozen Space Enamel Charms.
    • Charms Measure 5/8" - 1" x 3/4" - 1 1/8".
    • Enamel.
    • Assorted Outer Space Charms.
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    Animal Puff Heart Pendant Necklaces (6 pc)

    Kids will love showing some wild style with these Animal Puff Heart Pendant Necklaces. These animal print plastic pendants measure 1 inch and come on a 29 inch satin cord. Perfect for animal themed parties or as fun girly treats. Assorted colors. 6 necklaces sold per set. Learn More

  7. Fairy Beaded Necklaces

    Fairy Beaded Necklaces (1 dz)

    Help little girls feel like magical fairies with these Fairy Beaded Necklaces. Each of these colorful neckalces comes with a rubber charm and a plastic beaded necklace. Perfect for fairy themed parties! Learn More

  8. Flower Jewelry Charm Assortment (3 dz)

    Flower Jewelry Charm Assortment (3 dz)

    Girls will love receiving one of these Flower Enamel Charms to put on key chains or necklaces! Use these flowery charm for a variety of different craft projects.

    • 3 Dozen Charms.
    • Charms Measure 5/8"
    • Enamel.
    • Assorted Colors.
    • Assorted Flowers.
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  9. Wonderful Winter Charm Assortment (3 dz)

    Wonderful Winter Charm Assortment (3 dz)

    Get ready to make some Winter Wonderland themed jewelry with these Wonderful Winter Enamel Charms. These charms feature ice skates, snowflakes, mittens, stocking caps, penguins, and snowman head shapes. Perfect for Christmas time!

    • 3 Dozen Wonderful Winter Enamel Charms.
    • Charms Measure 3/4 Inch.
    • Enamel.
    • Assorted Designs.
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  10. Hanging Charms Assortment

    Hanging Charms Assortment (144 pc)

    Want to decorate your favorite purse or backpack? Kids of all ages will love this Hanging Charm Assortment. This set includes a variety of charms, ranging from butterfies to peace signs.

    • 12 Dozen Hanging Charms.
    • Measures: 3/4".
    • Assorted Designs."
    • Assorted Colors.
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