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  • Monarch Butterfly Dress Up Set (More Colors...)

    Your little girl will feel like a true princess dancing around the house in this cute Monarch Butterfly Dress Up Set. This butterfly tutu set comes in a variety of colors, making it perfect for any little girl!

    • 1 Monarch Wing Tutu Wand Set.
    • Child Sized.
    • Assorted Colors to Choose From.
    • Butterfly Wings, Tutu, & Wand Included.
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  • Monarch Butterfly Wing & Wand Set (More Colors...)

    This dress up set is inspired by the beautiful monarch butterfly! Perfect for a butterfly or pixie costume.

    • Includes wings and wand.
    • Worn with straps over the shoulders.
    • Wand measures about 20" long.
    • Wings measure about 18" tall by 14" wide.
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  • Tea Party Hat & Purse Set (More Colors...)

    This adorable tea party hat and purse set is perfect for a tea or garden party. Fill the bags with tea party favors. The girls will love it!!

    • Child Size.
    • 1 Hat & 1 Purse Per Set.
    • Fits children 3-5 years of age.
    • Hat has an 11" circumference. Head opening 7".
    • Purse measures 8 1/2" x 10 1/2".
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  • Fairy Pixie Wings & Wand Set (2pc)

    An adorable dress-up accessory for a fairy or pixie costume. This two piece set includes a butterfly wand and wings. The wings are embellished with glitter an jewels. They have a strap on the back so the wings can be worn over the shoulders. We have pink and purple available.

    • Wings measure 15" x 12"
    • Wand measures 17" with ribbon & pearls.
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  • Butterfly Fairy Dress Up Set (More Colors...)

    An adorable dress up set for your favorite little pixie. This set includes a headband, wand and wings all adorned with silver glitter sparkles. Choose from pink, hot pink or purple.

    • The wings measure 15" x 13"
    • The wand measures 17" long
    • The headband is child size
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  • Fairy Pixie Costume Tropical Dress Up Set (3pc)

    This set includes a tutu, flower halo and matching flower stretchy pony-o.The tulle tutu measures 13" long. The flower halo measures 7" across and has tulle and ribbons cascading 16" down the back.The stretch tutu fits girls 3-8 years.

    • Fits girls 3-8 years
    • 3 piece set includes tutu, halo & pony-o
    • Tutu measures 13" long
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  • Fairy Princess Costume Tutu Set (3 pc)

    Your little one will 'flutter' throughout the house in this Butterfly Fairy Princess Tutu Set. Use this costume to make your own little magical princess feel special during her own special fairy princess birthday party.

    • 3 piece set
    • Sized for Children 2 - 6 years
    • Wings Measure: 9" x 10"
    • 16" Wand
    • Set Includes Tutu, Wings, and Wand
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  • Neon Fairy Butterfly Costume Tutu Set (4 pc)

    Every little girl will feel like they are a magical fairy princess in this Neon Fairy Butterfly Costume Tutu Set. Watch as your little one spreads her own magic in her own imaginary magical world as dances throughout the house.

    • 4 piece set
    • Sized for Children 2 - 5 years
    • Wings Measure: 15" x 12"
    • 17.5" Wand
    • Set Includes Tutu, Wings, Headband, and Wand
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  • Pink Foam Tiara & Foam Wand

    A great foam princess set. You will get 1 pink foam tiara and 1 pink foam wand. Decorate them any way you want or just use them as is!

    • 1 Foam wand & 1 foam tiara
    • Great to decorate any way you want
    • The wand is 15 inches long the star on the wand is 4 inches across
    • The crown is 6 inches in circumference
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  • Pink Fairy Dress Up Set with Bells (3pc)

    A great 3 pc fairy or princess dress up set.This adorable set includes a pink ribbon tutu, ribbon halo and matching ribbon pony-o.

    • The ribbon tutu has 13" pink ribbons cascading down
    • bells on the ends
    • The pony-o and halo match the tutu
    • The stretchy tutu fits girls ages 3-8 years
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10 Item(s)

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