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Searching for the perfect candy to hand out to your party guests?  While it's easy enough to buy candy at the local convenience store, your neighborhood grocery won't have the varied selection or offer you the convenience that we do.  No matter the theme or event, Designed 2B Sweet has your back with just the candy to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Whether you're looking for elegant candies to hand out to your wedding guests or colorful cute or spooky sweets for your child's party favors, Designed 2B Sweet has a user friendly design that allows you to easily search by theme, color, and even event - all from the comfort of your own home.

There's no question about it: here at Designed 2B Sweet, we love candy.  After all, "sweet" is in our name!  While some people will eat whatever is served on the table, we know you'll want to go that extra mile for the children and other guests at your party who are very passionate about their candy.  That's why we offer such a great assortment of buttermints, gumballs, gummies, sweet creams, lollipops, sour candies and more!  So take your time browsing...don't worry, we won't tell your dentist.

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