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  1. Heart Skull and Crossbones Pink Necklaces   (1 dz)

    Heart Skull and Crossbones Pink Necklaces (1 dz)

    Who said pirates can't be girly? Help your favorite little girl look like a fashionable pirate with one of these Heart Skull and Crossbones Pink Necklaces. Each necklace features a cute pink skull charm!

    • 1 Dozen Heart Skull and Crossbones Pink Necklaces
    • Charm Measures 2 Inches x 1 1/2 Inches.
    • Satin Necklace Measures 30 Inches.
    • Metal.
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  2. Pirate Pennant Banner (100 ft)

    Pirate Pennant Banner (100 ft)

    Let everyone know where the pirate party is with this Pirate Pennant Banner. Each pennant features a skull and crossbones design.

    • 1 Pirate Pennant Banner.
    • Banner Measures 100 Foot.
    • 4 Dozen 1 Foot x 18 Inches Pennants.
    • Plastic.
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  3. Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag

    Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag

    Give everyone a warning that this is pirate territory with this Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag. These flags are perfect for Halloween or pirate parties. This tattered flag features a scary skeleton skull.

    • 1 Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag.
    • Flag Measures 44 Inches x 28 Inches.
    • Decorative Use Only.
    • Cotton.
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  4. Plastic Skull Goblets (6 pc)

    Plastic Skull Goblets (6 pc)

    Children will love drinking some scary witches brew out of these Plastic Skull Goblets. Perfect for any Halloween party!

    • 6 Plastic Skull Goblets.
    • Goblets Measure 7 Inches.
    • 9 oz Cups.
    • Plastic.
    • Assorted colors.
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  5. Plastic Small Pirate Flags (6 dz)

    Plastic Small Pirate Flags (6 dz)

    Looking for that perfect decoration to make your child's party room look scary enough for their pirate party? These Plastic Small Pirate Flags are the perfect flags to warn people that little pirates are coming!

    • 6 Dozen Plastic Small Pirate Flags.
    • Flags Measure 6 Inches x 4 Inches.
    • Flags on 7 Inch Wooden Stick.
    • Plastic Flags.
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  6. Resin Pirate Necklaces (1 dz)

    Resin Pirate Necklaces (1 dz)

    Show everyone you are a true pirate with these Resin Pirate Necklaces! Each necklace features a red skull. Perfect for pirate birthday parties or Halloween.

    • 1 Dozen Resin Pirate Necklaces.
    • Pendant Measures 1 1/8 Inches.
    • Cord Measures 18 Inches.
    • Resin Pendant.
    • Assorted Designs.
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  7. Pink Pirate Cupcake Holder

    Pink Pirate Cupcake Holder

    Prepare your cupcakes for an adventure on the seven seas with this Pink Pirate Cupcake Holder! This foam holder is designed to have cupcakes spread out like a pirate crew, giving girls the opportunity to 'play with their food'. Perfect for displaying cupcakes or as a table centerpiece at a pink pirate themed birthday party! Learn More

  8. Plastic Toy Dagger With Eye Patch (1 dz)

    Plastic Toy Dagger With Eye Patch (1 dz)

    Everyone will be ready for a pirates life after receiving one of these Plastic Toy Daggers with Eye Patch. Give these swords out as prizes or party favors at your pirate themed party.

    • 1 Dozen Pirate Sets
    • Measures: 9"
    • Plastic
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