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  1. Large Mustache Assortment

    Synthetic Large Mustache Assortment (12 pc)

    Make your costume look even snazzier with a silly mustache from this Synthetic Large Mustache Assortment. These silly mustaches come in a variety of shapes and styles, making them perfect for children. Hand out next Halloween or as a fun carnival prize! One dozen per set. Assorted shapes and styles. Mustaches Measure about 4 Inches. Self Adhesive. Learn More

  2. Star Stampers

    Plastic Star Stampers (2 dz)

    Let children know they are doing a good job with one of these Plastic Star Stampers! Stampers come in a variety of colors. Learn More


    Jungle Journey Tattoos (6 dz)

    Children will love showing off their love for jungle animals with these Jungle Journey Tattoos. Each of these tattoos features a fun cartoon style jungle animal! Learn More

  4. Zoo Animal Mallet Inflatables

    Zoo Animal Mallet Inflatables (1 dz)

    Kids will be excited about playing games at your carnival when they see these Zoo Animal Mallet Inflatables. Each hammer features a cute zoo animal! Learn More

  5. Clown Sugar Cake Decorations

    Carnival Clown Sugar Cake Decorations (6 pc)

    Place these sweet sugar decorations on any clown themed cake or cupcake! Perfect for a carnival or circus theme. Six clown sugar decorations per set. Easy to apply. No Mess. Learn More

  6. Donut Plush Assortment

    Donut Plush Assortment (12 pc)

    Girls will love getting a sweet plush treat at carnivals like this Donut Plush Assortment. These colorful treats are perfect for carnivals or as party prizes.

    • 1 Dozen Donuts.
    • Measures:5."
    • Assorted Colors.
    Learn More

  7. Light Up Key Chain Assortment

    Light Up Key Chain Assortment (12 pcs)

    Kids will enjoy having a mini light show at home with these Light Up Key Chains. These key chains are perfect for carnivals since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    • 1 Dozen Light Up Key Chain.
    • Batteries Included.
    • Assorted Sizes.
    • Assorted Designs.
    • Assorted Colors.
    Learn More

  8. Jesus is the Light Mini Flashlights (1 dz)

    Jesus is the Light Mini Flashlights (1 dz)

    "Jesus Is The Light" mini-flashlights proclaim that Jesus is the Light and the Way. These flashlights are wonderful for church youth groups, Sunday school classes and church carnivals. They're also great as Easter party favors, for Easter baskets or as Christmas stocking stuffers. Learn More

  9. Face Paints (2 dz)

    Face Paints (2 dz)

    Non-toxic face paints can be used as fun party favors or party activities. Let the kids paint teach others' faces! Use these for face painting at carnivals and fairs, for dress up, or for painting your face to go with your Halloween costume. Learn More

  10. Plastic Floating Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Plastic Floating Rubber Duckies (1 dz)

    Cute weighted rubber duckies are really made from plastic and weighted so that they float upright in water. Fun party favors, carnival prizes or gifts. Learn More

Items 41 to 50 of 63 total

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