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  1. Star Stampers

    Plastic Star Stampers (2 dz)

    Let children know they are doing a good job with one of these Plastic Star Stampers! Stampers come in a variety of colors. Learn More

  2. Plush Sharks

    Plush Sharks (3 pc)

    Make children smile at your event with these Plush Sharks. Great for shark themed parties or as carnival prizes. Learn More

  3. Colors Of Faith Coins

    Colors Of Faith Coins (12 dz)

    Don't use boring tokens for your event, especially when you can use these Colors Of Faith Coins. These religious coins are perfect for carnivals or any event that uses a token system for prizes. Learn More

  4. Best Friends Glitter Jelly Bracelets

    Best Friends Glitter Jelly Bracelets (1 dz)

    Make your best friend smile with these Friends Glitter Jelly Bracelets. Each colorful bracelet says the words "Best Friends." Learn More

  5. Clown Sugar Cake Decorations

    Carnival Clown Sugar Cake Decorations (6 pc)

    Place these sweet sugar decorations on any clown themed cake or cupcake! Perfect for a carnival or circus theme. Six clown sugar decorations per set. Learn More


    Jungle Journey Tattoos (6 dz)

    Children will love showing off their love for jungle animals with these Jungle Journey Tattoos. Each of these tattoos features a fun cartoon style jungle animal! Learn More

  7. Bright Metallic Pennant Banner (100 ft)

    Bright Metallic Pennant Banner (100 ft)

    Give your party the attention it deserves with this Bright Metallic Pennant Banner. This banner is perfect for order events where you want everyone's attention! Learn More

  8. Pre-Filled Goody Bag

    Pre-Filled Goody Bag

    Complete Happy Sack goody bags are pre-filled party favor bags that will work as carnival prizes or goody bags at any child's party. Happy Sacks can contain an assortment of toys and novelties like pencils, plastic toys, stickers, temporary tattoos, flying toys and more. 1 Bag. Learn More

  9. Colorful Frog Rings (72 pc)

    Colorful Frog Rings (72 pc)

    Girls will feel froggy after getting one of these Colorful Frog Rings. These frogs are perfect for frog themed kids parties or as carnival prizes! Learn More

  10. Glitter Temporary Tattoo Assortment (6 dz)

    Glitter Temporary Tattoo Assortment (6 dz)

    Fun glitter temporary tattoos make great party favors or carnival prizes. Cool tattoos come in assorted designs like dragons, ladybugs, snakes, butterflies, flowers, hearts, wild animals and more. Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 43 total

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