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  1. Skull Roll Stickers - 1 roll

    Skull Roll Stickers - 1 roll

    Make every little swashbuckler smile with these Skull Roll Stickers. Place these stickers in pirate treasure bags if you know what's good for you!

    • 1 Roll of Stickers
    • Measures: 1 1/2
    • 100 Stickers per Roll
    • Assorted Stickers
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  2. Pirate Toy Assortment (50 pc)

    Pirate Toy Assortment (50 pc)

    Make filling your pirate themed goody bags even easier with this Pirate Toy Assortment. This set includes key chains, mini swords, mini treasure chests, bouncing balls, coins, maze puzzles, bracelets, and more!

    • 50 Piece Pirate Toy Assortment.
    • Assorted Sizes.
    • Assorted Toys.
    • Assortment May Vary.
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  3. Pirate Ruler Bookmarks (4 dz)

    Pirate Ruler Bookmarks (4 dz)

    Who said pirates don't read? Help your little pirate measure their loot and keep their place in their favorite book with these Pirate Ruler Bookmarks. Perfect for little adventurers.

    • 4 Dozen Pirate Ruler Bookmarks.
    • Bookmarks Measure 5 1/4 Inches.
    • Vinyl.
    • Treasure Chest, Skull, or Ship Design.
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  4. Latex Pirate Balloons (25 pc)

    Latex Pirate Balloons (25 pc)

    Make your party look more like a pirate getaway with these Latex Pirate Balloons. Each black balloon features skull and crossbones designs.

    • 25 Latex Pirate Balloons.
    • Balloons Measure 11 Inches.
    • Latex.
    • Black.
    • Pirate Party Set.
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  5. Pirate Party Cups (8 pc)

    Pirate Party Cups (8 pc)

    Prepare your party table for some swashbuckling fun on the seven seas with these Pirate Party Cups. Each cup features a skull and crossbones design and reads "Pirate Party." Goes perfect with other pieces of the Pirate Party Set.

    • 8 Pirate Party Cups.
    • 9 oz Cups.
    • Paper.
    • Cups.
    • Pirate Party Set.
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  6. Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag

    Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag

    Give everyone a warning that this is pirate territory with this Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag. These flags are perfect for Halloween or pirate parties. This tattered flag features a scary skeleton skull.

    • 1 Creepy Cloth Pirate Flag.
    • Flag Measures 44 Inches x 28 Inches.
    • Decorative Use Only.
    • Cotton.
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  7. Pirate Head Garland

    Pirate Head Garland

    Scare all of your guests with these eye patch wearing skeleton heads. This Pirate Head Garland is the perfect hanging decoration for Halloween or pirate themed parties.

    • 1 Set of Pirate Head Garland.
    • Garland Measures 9 Foot.
    • Skulls Measure 2 Inches.
    • Plastic Skulls.
    • Nylon Cording.
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  8. Pirate Eye Patch Assortment - 12 pc

    Pirate Eye Patch Assortment - 12 pc

    Bring out the pirate in everyone with this Felt Pirate Eye Patch Assortment. Give one of these fantastic eye patches to every Swashbuckler at your pirate themed party. Throw these in the treat bags at your Pirate Party.

    • 12 Eye Patches Per Set.
    • Patches Measure: 2 1/2 Inches Each.
    • Elastic Band Included.
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  9. Skull Head Pinata

    Skull Head Pinata

    Give your Halloween or Pirate party a scary feel with this Skull Head Pinata. Don't worry, children won't be scared of this floating head once it busts to give them appropriate booty.

    • 1 Piece
    • Measures: 15" x 8"
    • Paper
    • Holds 3 lbs 6 oz
    • Candy, Toys, and Pinata Stick Sold Separately
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  10. Skull And Crossbones Loot Bags  (50 pc)

    Skull And Crossbones Loot Bags (50 pc)

    Looking for the perfect bags to store some fun loot? Your little guests will love finding treats in these Skull and Crossbones Loot Bags!

    • 50 Skull and Crossbones Loot Bags.
    • Bags Measure 17 Inches.
    • Plastic.
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Items 1 to 10 of 37 total

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