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Novelty Candy

Looking for fun novelty candy for your event? Kids love to find a variety of fun candy in goody bags, especially when it is mixed with novelty toys. With candy being such an important part of birthday parties and events, we go out of our way to find some of the neatest, tastiest candy out there for kids. Not only do we carry inexpensive candy that is perfect for buying in bulk, but unique candy that is hard to find anywhere else. Kids will enjoy themed lollipops, character gum, and even squirt guns filled with candy! To us, candy should not only be tasty, but fun as well!

Along with fun character suckers and themed lollipops, we also try to offer a variety of different flavors of candy. Kids can find candy of just about any flavor they can imagine, anywhere from blueberry gummies to rainbow colored sour candy that tastes like their favorite fruit flavors! Of course, candy isn't just for kids! We sell a variety of different buttermints and designer candy made especially for wedding and elegant events, allowing you to match the perfect candy with any event you can imagine - from wedding to children's birthday parties! If you want the perfect treats for your event - Designed 2B Sweet has you covered with our fun novelty candy!

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