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Candy Assortments

Looking for a large candy assortment for your party? We know how hard it can be to find a large amount of high quality candy for parties. Not only do all of us like to fill piñatas with candy, it is always a great prize for kids, making Easter egg hunts and carnivals even more fun. We go out of our way to find some of the best candy out there that not only looks amazing but kids will love. Our flavored candy is great for different themes, and designed so that everyone can find something they like in this assortment.

Many of our sets contain traditional candies and novelty toys that are loved by kids of all ages. You can find classic toys such as yoyos, whistles, and balls, along with lollipops and different flavored candy. All of our sets can also be mixed and matched with other candy assortments on the site, allowing you to create a unique assortment of candy for your own party. Since we are also adding new candy and novelty toys to the site, it is easy for your to find exactly what you want for your child's party. Don't forget that many of our candy assortments and novelty candy can also be purchased in bulk for a discount!

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