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Your Children Will Hear the Animals Roar with a Jungle Themed Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 768 Views No comments

Kid's love adventure and tales of roaring animals that inhabit the jungle. Why not make your child'™s party one that will thrill them with adventure. You can plan to have it at home and decorate so that the little ones will feel as if they have just stepped into the deep, dark jungle.


A zoo theme is one that every child will enjoy. You can provide the tots with jungle animal zoo visors and they can choose their favorite animal and pretend to be that during the party or you can opt for animal baseball caps instead. Provide them with frosted monkey face lollipops and animal paddle games. Serve a cake with your child'™s favorite zoo animal that lives in the jungle and or perhaps cupcakes with a different animal face on each one.


Instead of pin the tale on the donkey, you can pin the tail on the zebra. Always appreciated by the kids is a pinata filled with goodies. Choose a design in keeping with your jungle theme. Play a game of musical chairs using animal calls from the jungle or songs such as The Lion Sleeps Tonight by the Tokens or Yakety Yak by Dillard Harford Dillard.


Invite the guests to dress up as their favorite animal and stage a parade so that each child gets to show off their handiwork. Another great idea is to hire an artist or if you are able to do it yourself, do face painting using animals with a book with step by step instructions.


If you host the party outdoors, you can have the children use modeling clay along with cookie cutters to cut out and create their own animals. If the party is to be indoors, provide pre-made animal shaped cookies unbaked, along with lots of goodies for the kids to use as decorations. They will wiggle with anticipation while waiting for their delectable treats to be ready.


You can also have some excellent short DVDs on hand about animals in the wild or what it would be like to be a zoo keeper. They also might enjoy a game of balloon toss with water filled balloons.


How about zoo animal magnet craft kits so that the children can make their own party favors to take home and stick on their refrigerator? We have bubble bottles with a zoo animal theme that they will love as well. Feel free to let your imagination soar when it comes to planning a zoo themed party. If you can'™t arrange the party at a zoo or pet store such as Animal Kingdom, you can create a party that won'™t be forgotten in your own home. Not only will the kids love it, but you will find yourself getting into the spirit as well.


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