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Wedding Decorations

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1979 Views 1 comment

Looking for some ways to cut back on expenses when it comes to your wedding decorations? When many women first start planning their wedding, they underestimate the cost of wedding decorations, especially when it comes to their wedding reception. One way that brides are able to cut back on costs is doing the decorating for their reception themselves, including buying their own decorations. By taking advantage of some cool do it yourself wedding decoration ideas, you can easily save yourselves hundreds of dollars when it comes to your wedding reception!

Wedding Tables & Centerpieces If there is one area where brides underestimate at their wedding reception, it is their table decorations. Many women assume that a simple tablecloth and set of flowers will be fairly inexpensive, not expecting that many decorators have a simple setup costing over $1,000 just for table decorations! One way you can save is by buying your own tablecloths and using unique wedding centerpieces! While you may like the idea of cloth table covers, you may want to consider going with a plastic table cover designed special for weddings. They are only half the cost of fabric table covers, and come in a variety of fun colors to match nearly any wedding theme. Many brides especially love a wedding bell theme tablecloth since it goes with any color scheme and gives an elegant, beautiful look to any wedding reception. To make your table stand out even more, consider using food and trays as your centerpieces.

Wedding Food Centerpieces Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on flower centerpieces, you may want to consider using elegant wedding food trays as your table centerpieces. These colorful trays are designed to fit with wedding color schemes, allowing you to have colorful candies and foods for all of your wedding guests to snack on. Not only does this save money, but these practical trays can look elegant with the right finger foods.

If you are looking for trays that are a bit more elegant, many companies make special designer wedding trays, allowing each guest to have their own special candies or finger foods in shaped bowls. Some of the most popular and beautiful favor plates are in unique shapes, including swans and rose shapes.

Wedding Party Favors Many wedding decorators overcharge for party favors, many of which you can purchase on your own for a fraction of the cost. Not only can you save money by picking your own party favors, but can purchase more elegant favors since you are not being overcharged by a decorator hoping to make a profit. Some of our favorite party favors include wedding themed bubbles and special wedding mementos for all of you guests.

Paula Ball 3 years ago at 9:11 PM
My granddaughter just asked me to help her plan her wedding, & she wants a green, handmade wedding. I really don't know where to start , so hopefully I can find some help here.