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Throw A Beach Themed Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1562 Views No comments

Children love going to the beach, but unfortunately, most of us don't live close enough to enjoy the beach every day. Rather than have your kids daydreaming about your next vacation, you may want to consider having your own beach themed party designed especially for them! Not only is bringing the beach home great for your kids, but it can be a perfect opportunity to get even closer to your neighbors, allowing everyone to enjoy a fun, old-fashioned summer block party!

Backyard Beach Party: Themes

One of the hardest things when it comes to creating a beach party is picking a theme. While you can have a traditional pool party, it's usually more exciting for the children if you allow them to pick a fun theme, involving them with picking decorations and activities for all your little guests. Some popular beach themes for kids include:

  • Mermaids
  • Pirates
  • Sharks
  • Fish
  • Dolphins

If you want to make a party that is also friendly for adults, however, you may want to consider going with a luau theme. Luau decorations are perfect for most beach parties and open up a wide variety of fun decorations and lighting, especially if the party runs into the night!

Backyard Beach Party: Water Toys

The best part of going to the beach is, of course, water! When it's hot and sticky outside, nothing is better than sitting back and watching the kids play in the ocean. While we may not be able to really create the ocean, it's easy to find an inexpensive pool and fill it with fun water toys. Make it a fun experience for kids by having a variety of fun beach balls that everyone can play with in the pool. Even better, allow each of your little guests to pick out their own beach ball to bring home after the party! It's also fun to have a variety of fun different inflatable characters that kids can play with in the pool. Kids especially love toys like inflatable hammers since they can be used in spontaneous pool games.

Kids also love having water toys that can be used not only in the pool, but in the yard as well. Water guns and water balloons are fun, traditional toys that are all too often underestimated at most water parties. Kids can easily occupy themselves for hours with these simple toys, especially if they are playing with older children or adults as well. Adults should just expect to get very wet as well, with these party toys!

Backyard Beach Party: Food

If you are going to have a beach party that involves kids, you can'™t forget the food! To keep it simple, you may want to light up the grill, and provide the perennial favorites - hot dogs and hamburgers! After this, follow up with fun cupcakes decorated in a luau theme, or fish-shaped cupcake picks. Kids will be looking forward to dessert the moment they see these sweet treats! To keep your drinks cold and easily accessible to kids, you may want to use a cooler or inflatable buffet. These ingenious buffets inflate in a matter of minutes and can be easily filled with ice, allowing you to just fill it and chill your favorite drinks. With cold drinks, entertaining water toys, and delicious food, you can keep your guests, kids and adults, to be busy for hours!