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Theme Ideas for Children's Valentines Parties

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1085 Views No comments

Valentine toddler parties are easier to clean up behind if you use an assortment of plates, cups and napkins that are suited to the theme. For Valentines Day, hearts are the shape of choice, and the colors are generally red and pink, often staggers around the table to add some basic variety.

In a playroom, allow the children to decorate using foam glitter heart stickers, and ruby red balloons, while you hang streamers of pink and red and attach the balloons. The holiday is more fun for children when they get to participate in the decorating, and gives them a sense of satisfaction in a job well done. Remember to offer children encourage and assistance so that everyone has a great time, including the adults watching over the party.

Children might even want to decorate themselves with valentine heart temporary tattoos, or decorate their clothes with heart shaped stick-on rhinestones that glitter and sparkle as the children play. You could even provide them with red and pink boas, and an assortment of children's costume jewelry, and let them dress up to match the theme.

For sweet treats, provide a variety of lollipops. Hearts and roses are always a good choice for the holiday., and a heart shaped lollipop tree makes a perfect centerpiece. Lollipops always make great party gifts, along with toy heart rings and other small gifts that can be picked up in bulk packages. Just give each child a gift bag, and add toy rings and stickers and all of the makings of a wonderful children's party.

But everything doesn't have to be a heart, and one entertaining bit of variety to consider are miniature inflatable beach balls in many different colors, and imprinted with a cheerful smiley face. Children love balls, and you can find a huge assortment of inflatable balls if you look around a little. Instead of hearts and roses, substitute stars, and add a splash of bright colors such as yellow of blue to complement the rest of the valentine party theme.

If you are throwing a valentine party just for girls, consider keeping the theme in pink. A pink table cover might be just the decorative idea, or even setting the places with pink plates and cups, and even sending out cute pink invitations. Accent with red hearts of different sizes, and every little girl will have a wonderful time.

Valentines day is a special day for everyone. Children should learn to love one another and share their friendship, and Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to keep that friendliness to others at the top of their agenda. By decorating and playing with the colors of the day and understanding the importance of loving their friends, growing children reinforce the concepts and take them closer to heart.

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