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Teacher's Day Gifts

By 3 years ago 2013 Views 8 comments

Girl giving teacher a giftStruggling to find the perfect gift for a favorite teacher? With Teacher's Day closely approaching on May 6, parents all over are trying to find the perfect gifts to give to their children's teachers. While we all know that gift cards are a great choice, they aren't very personal and many teachers get a lot of gift cards from their students. Wouldn't it be great if you had the perfect gift for your child's favorite teacher? You may be surprised just how easy it is to find a memorable or cute gift that every teacher is sure to love!

Make a travel mugTeacher's Day Gifts: Homemade Crafts

If there is one thing every teacher loves it is crafts made by their students. Some of the cutest gifts are things made using traditional craft materials, or those made from kits. Kids especially love making their own travel mugs for teachers using crayons or markers. There are also many other type of craft projects that are perfect for kids to make for their teachers, including fun flower pots, bird houses, or even pen holders. Just make sure it's a project that the kids can take part in and put their name on the bottom so teachers can remember where it came from years later.

Teacher's Day Gifts: Desk ItemsTeacher Figurine

While some teachers don't talk about it, they all love having fun things to decorate their desks. Some of the cutest are teacher themed statues or figures. These little things stay with them for years and surprisingly, very few people give things like this as gifts. Things such as coffee mugs, plastic teacher figurines, or even small stuffed animals are the perfect gifts for teachers of all grade levels. Not only that, many of these unique gifts are fairly inexpensive, allowing you to get one for each of your children's teachers. If you can, try putting these gifts in a fun bag decorated by your kids to make them even more personal!

Teacher's Day Gifts: Homemade Treats

 Even though they aren't something that be kept, many teachers love getting homemade treats. Since many teachers work long hours, they rarely have time to bake at home or the change to buy nice bath products. Surprise your favorite teacher with homemade treats and if you make them, homemade bath items. For many teachers, this is an excuse for them to relax at night after a hard day of teaching and grading papers. To give that extra touch to these gifts, making sure to purchase cute tags or colored gift bags to make your Teacher's Day Gift look even more amazing! With the might amount of preparation, your favorite teacher will love your child's gift and know they are appreciated!

Nikki 3 years ago at 8:20 PM
Great article thanks!! Love the ideas.
LittleYllwBird 3 years ago at 5:44 AM
I used to love getting gifts for my teachers growing up. You can always tell how much they appreciate the thought and are thrilled when they see that you took the time to think of them.
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 3:02 PM
Thanks for your comments. It is very important to appreciate teachers and all the hard work they do!
kelly tupick 3 years ago at 12:02 PM
This is a really nice review for teacher's day. I have a twin sister who is a teacher and believe it or not. She loves getting little gifts from the kids. She actually keeps a lot of them on a shelf at home. I know she is an awesome teach and these little gifts shows that she is appreciated.
Melissa Douglass 3 years ago at 8:16 PM
I love those ideas!
Hari 3 years ago at 1:54 AM
Nice gift ideas for teachers! All my gifts to teachers have been either a mug or a pen. ;) Thanks for all the ideas.
Jen S. 3 years ago at 9:13 AM
One thing that I would like to add is that gift cards, no matter the dollar amount for purchasing classroom tools like books, stickers, calculators, etc. are always a favorite for my husband, a fifth grade teacher. I noticed that you mentioned coffee mugs. Please DO NOT buy teachers coffee mugs. My husband gets at least 20 per year from his students and neither of us drink coffee. Unfortunately they go straight to Goodwill because we just don't have room or need for them. Just a thought so that money isn't wasted.
Anita 3 years ago at 10:05 AM
This warmed my heart.teachers are one of the best people.they have touched so many.Thanks for honouring them.