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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 3207 Views No comments

Baby Feet ErasersWeather or not to have a theme for your baby shower it is really up to you. You may find creating a theme too much work or not your style, but having one can make the party seem more unique and can be a bit more fun!

If you know that your shower is going to feature baby feet, for example, you can look for baby feet shaped invitations and baby foot print decorations. Even if the party theme is as simple as a color scheme (for instance, pink and white if the parents already know it's a girl), it's a unifying element that can simplify your job.

Here are some theme recommendations from Designed 2B Sweet:

Baby Shower Tea PartyTea Party

Always a classic theme. Use fresh flower centerpieces for the tables. Borrow teapots, plates, and cups from friends and place a set on each table. All the tables should be covered with fancy lace tablecloths and guests can be asked to dress up with fun tea party hats. The menu started with assorted teas, scones, jellies etc. The main menu was small crust free sandwiches, fresh fruit slices, and a salad. Everyone will love it! Give candle tea cup favors to your guests!

Baby Shower Brunch

Throw a "brunch" baby shower. Throw it between 10:30 and 12:00pm. Use traditional games and gifts. Foods can included "virgin" (non-alcoholic) cocktails with fruit tarts, quiches, and a bundt cake. White linens and real silver can set a beautiful classy mood. A traditional favor like a scented candle or bath salts will work well with this elegant theme.

Pampering Mom

To break from the traditional throw a "mommy shower." Use fancy chocolates, cloth tablecloths, real glass, and flowers as decorations. Instead of baby gifts, give the mom to be gifts to pamper her, like comfy lounge clothes, and gift certificates for takeout food, massages and manicures. She will love it!

Star Of The Show

Decorate the cake like a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. And have it say something like "a star will be born", or the baby's name if it's already been picked out. Get some sparkle star shaped confetti and sprinkle it on the party tables. Make star shaped cookies! Cut out stars from cardboard and wrap them in tin foil and hand them from the ceiling! How fun! It is easy to find "A star is born" theme baby shower favors to complete your theme. As each guest arrives and walks down the red carpet, videotape the "stars"! Let each guest give a special message to the mom-to-be.
Star Confetti
Nine Months Pregnant

Diaper TowerInvite the guests to come "nine months pregnant" (stuffed bellies with pillows, etc.) so the about-to-pop mother-to-be will not feel physically out of place. If it is a co-ed shower, make sure the men stuff their shirts to be "with child"! The dressing up will make for a nice icebreaker. They can even wear pj's and slippers! May we suggest coasters with pictures of all the guest when they where babies in them as favors! A game at the shower can even be to guess who is who on the coasters! How unique!

Deep Freeze

Ask all of the guests to bring a cooked, freezable meal for the mom to be to put in the freezer, to eat after the baby arrives. She will be way to busy to cook so this will be a wonderful gift. This theme works best for someone having a second or third child who already has all of the baby items they need.

Diaper Bonanza

Put together a basket with a bottle of wine, crackers, wine glasses, wine opener, block of cheese, summer sausage, etc. to display at the shower. In the invitations write that there will be a raffle for a gift basket. The price for each entry should be one small pack of diapers or a box of wipes. Guests should be allowed to enter as many times as they like. The new mom will not need to buy diapers for few months! GREAT!! Use baby diaper shaped invitations and wrap the shower favors in small baby diapers.

Baby Clothing On A ClotheslineLayette Party

Hang a clothesline in the room. Have guests arrive before the guest of honor and bring an item from the layette or cute baby clothing and hang it from the clothesline. When the mom-to-be walks in, she'll be ecstatic. She can also use the clothesline and clothes pins for her own personal use. Baby clothing shaped invitations are perfect for this theme as well as baby clothing shaped favor bags to put candy in!Princess Carriage Favor Box

Queen of the Baby Shower

Have a royal theme baby shower! Everyone can wear tiaras and the Mom to be can wear a Queen crown! The cake can be shaped like a castle and the favors can be in Cinderella's coach shaped favor boxes.

The most important thing to remember when you throw a baby shower is that the Mom to be will appreciate anything you do so do not spend a lot of time stressing over how to throw the party. The best thing to do is just make sure everyone has fun the the new Mom feels special!