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Saddle Up the Horses for a Rootin' Tootin' Good Time

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1186 Views No comments

Kid'™s of all ages love to play cowboy or cowgirl. It is a great theme for a party and is an easy one for which to decorate and prepare. The kids will love dressing up and having their party in the Wild, Wild, West!

Decorating Ideas

You can decorate tables with red gingham checked tablecloths. Have western themed cut-outs and red and blue colored confetti sprinkled over them. Be sure you have plates, cups and napkins with a western theme and if you can'™t find any use red plates and blue cups and red and blue napkins. You can always get a stamp at the craft store and put a western themed logo on them. You can make fake hay bales using boxes covered with brown sackcloth or cover with paper bags and tie them with string. To give them an authentic look you can place a few sprigs of hay on each. Buy a cheap horseshoes game and place the horseshoes around the room or hang them in doorways. Gather as many plush and toy horses as you can and scatter them about as well. You can also attach ropes made into lariats to walls and doors. Blue and red crepe paper can be hung from ceilings and light fixtures.

When the Guests Arrive

To really get the kids into the spirit, hand out colored bandannas for each child. Provide cowboy hats as well. You can also provide star shaped sunglasses. For girls have Pink Cowgirl Pony Bubble Bottles and as a craft how about western theme charm bracelets for them to assemble. Boys will love having some sheriff badges to wear. As a special sweet treat we have Western Cowboy Theme Lollipops that you can give the children.

Things to Do

Pin the tail on the donkey is the ideal game to play at a western themed birthday party. A game of horseshoes either in the basement or outdoors will be fun as well. Gunny sack or three-legged races will have the kids in stitches as they try and cross the finish line. A pinata in the shape of the horse filled with candy and cowboy themed trinkets will have kids swinging in earnest to be the one to œbreak the horse.

A Cowboy Barbecue

Hamburger, hot dogs and chips are the perfect western party fare. If the kids are a little older they might like some chili or baked beans. Make sure you have all the trimmings such as mustard, ketchup and plenty of cheese for those that want a cheeseburger. Pretzels and trail mix can be set out in bowls for the kids to snack on. Don'™t forget the western themed cake and of course, lots and lots of ice cream.
The kid's will be pleased and so will you when you see your home or yard transformed into the Old West.

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