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Rubber Ducky Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1338 Views No comments

Do you lover rubber duckies? For many children, its not bath time without their favorite rubber ducky or other bathroom toys. What many parents don't realize, however, is that rubber duckies are more than just bathroom toys and can be a fun addition to any kids party or event. With National Rubber Ducky Day right around the corner, why not treat your kids to some fun new rubber duckies! You may be surprised just how many fun toys and different rubber ducky themed items are available for children of all ages!

Rubbery Ducky Party: What You Need

Like any themed party, it is important to plan ahead and get many of the items you will need before your child's party. While you can find streamers, party games, party favors, and a variety of other party decorations for a rubber ducky themed party, it does take a bit of planning, especially if you are planning for a very large children's party. You can find a variety of different rubber duckies in just about any theme, giving a large selection of different party favors. What is also very unique about a rubber ducky party is that it can mesh well with other themes, allowing you to have superhero themed rubber ducky party or even a princess rubber ducky party.

Rubber Ducky Party: Toys

If you are planning on having a rubber ducky party, plan to spend quite a bit of your budget on toys. Most children love to open their goody bags and find a variety of different themed rubber duckies and other cool toys like squishy balls or stuffed animals. These adorable toys can also be used as table centerpieces with the right arrangements. Also, don't forget that there are quite a few rubber ducky themed party games, allowing kids to play some of their favorite games with a ducky twist. One of our favorite games is duck fishing a game many children love playing at carnivals. This set comes with everything you need for a fun fishing game, including a small kiddy pool for the ducks. This inexpensive game can easily bring hours of fun at any kids party!

Rubbery Ducky Party: Food

While toys may be the center of attention for a rubber ducky party, food is also just as important! Lately, companies have been making a variety of cute, adorable rubber ducky themed treats, such as duck shaped candies and even duck laser cut cupcake skirts. Kids will love getting to your party and finding sweet treats designed just for them! With the right colored sugars or dies, you can even easily make your own duck shaped cake, allowing you to make an inexpensive but cute birthday cake for your children.

Also, don't forget that many children's toys can also be used as cake centerpieces or decorations. Along with themed ducks, many companies have started making mini rubber duckies, which are the perfect size for cakes and freshly made treats. Best of all, these ducks can be used as toys after the party, giving your children some new bathroom toys. One thing is for certain, with the right planning, you can easily make a rubber ducky party that kids of all ages will love!

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