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Roller Skating Birthday Party

By 3 years ago 2323 Views 13 comments

Roller Skating PartyDoes your child want to have a roller skating birthday party this year? Over the past few years, roller skating has been becoming more popular, especially with little girls. Not only is it fun, but great exercise! Since so many little girls enjoy it, your local skating ring is the perfect place for having a fun birthday party for girls or boys of all ages. Since many roller skating rings also provide food, it makes planning a birthday party easy for parents (especially compared to other party venues).  It is just important that parents plan ahead and get everything ready if they want to have the perfect party for their special daughter or son.

Red Polka Dot BalloonsRoller Skating Birthday Party:  Themes

One of the best parts of having a rolling skating party is picking the type of party you want for your child.  For many little girls a costumed roller skating party is a lot of fun. Girls love dressing as princesses and roller skating with friends. If you decide to go with this type of party, just make sure the dresses and tutus that the girls wear aren't too long or they could become a hazard while little girls are skating. Remember, girls should be wearing a helmet and protective padding while they are actually roller skating. Once they are no longer on the floor, however, they can go back to wearing tiaras and other cute items. If you want to go with something simpler, just about any party theme is perfect for a roller skating party.

Plush StarsRoller Skating Birthday Party: Decorations

Since roller skating rings have a sitting area, parents have a small area they can usually decorate for the party. Before buying too many decorations, however, it is important that you talk to the skating ring to see what decorations are allowed in their facility. Unless you are renting the entire facility, they may be worried about certain decorations being a safety concern. Most decorations such as balloons and streamers are allowed at the facility. As well, assume that you will need paper plates, cups, and utensils since this may not be included in the fee for the center.

Roller Skating Birthday Party: Prizes

While the roller skating ring will likely have games for your children, they are unlikely to have set prizes that kids will love. Prepare to have party favors and toys based on your chosen theme. If you are having a princess themed roller skating party, consider going with glowing wands or stuffed animals that girls will love to play with even after the party. These cute prizes will not only get kids excited about your party, but will help them remember your party for many years to come!

Linda Madden 3 years ago at 1:27 AM
What a great idea. My daughter would love to have a party like this.
sallyt 3 years ago at 3:35 AM
what a great idea,my daughter used to roller skate when she was younger.
Sandra VanHoey 3 years ago at 7:52 AM
Roller skating sounds like so much fun. I used to do it when I was young. I am sure my granddaughter would love this as she really likes ice skating. Doing a princess party would really make her happy. Thank you for the suggestion
tanya holland 3 years ago at 8:08 AM
I think this is a great idea if you have a roller skating rink near you. My two girls would love this. They love to skate.
sallyt 3 years ago at 3:49 AM
I love the idea of a roller skating party.It would be cute
to dress like in the 50's
Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago at 2:08 PM
Great idea! Thanks for sharing.
melisa 3 years ago at 8:23 AM
I had a birthday party at a rink when I was younger, it was a blast. A rinK is the best place to have it, rather than outside, because not all kids have skates.
Kelly Powell 3 years ago at 9:35 AM
What a great idea. Thank you for sharing :)
Deborah Caudill 3 years ago at 1:41 AM
I remember having birthday parties at the local roller rink when I was a child (50 years ago) and the great time we all had. Your review about all the extra preparations and prizes really notches up the fun. You have some wonderful ideas to make these parties spectacular.
saminder gumer 3 years ago at 11:54 PM
this is an awesome theme. it reminds me of the 80s and when we used to go the roller rink. i would love to have this for myself let alone the kids. thanks for the great idea.
Stacey Kostich 3 years ago at 9:49 AM
My daughter just recently attended a roller skating birthday party. It was her first time on skates and she loved it.
Terri S 3 years ago at 7:35 PM
What a great idea! Thank you for sharing it with us.
Shannon 3 years ago at 2:27 PM
Roller Skating parties are always fun. Thank you for sharing this idea.