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Planning a Unisex Baby Shower

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 3297 Views No comments

For someone planning a special baby shower for their favorite friend or daughter, nothing is more intimidating than trying to pick out the perfect party favors for their friend's special day. Things can become especially tricky if the mother to be does not know the gender of their baby or wishes to be surprised once the baby is delivered. If you are the one planning a unisex party, you know how tricky this can be, especially since most party favors for baby showers are designed around knowing the gender of the little.

Before you start panicking, relax since planning a unisex baby shower isn't as difficult as you may think. If you are unsure on what colors to use for the paper, try going with neutral colors, such as yellow or green. If you cannot find favors that are to your liking, it also never hurts to use a mix of blue and pink for your party. Don't worry, we will walk through everything you need to create perfect baby shower.

Party Favors

One of the hardest things to find for your party is party favors that are not gender specific. For your general paper needs, some popular gender neutral baby themes are...

  • Pajama Babies Pastel Set
  • Mod Mom's Baby Shower
  • Pinkalicious (party designed for Mom)

All three of these paper sets include two sizes of paper plates, napkins, and cups, allowing you to serve of number of guests for nearly any type of meal you desire. It is recommended that if your party is going to last more than three hours that you offer your guests' small snacks on the smaller sized plates.

Shower Games

One of the most important parts of a baby shower is picking shower games that are appropriate for everyone attending the party. If children are going to be at the party, make sure that all the games are safe for little ears. One game that is especially like by guests and the Mommy to be are Baby Shower Raffle Tickets. Each of these tickets is worth $1 and are used to win a certain prize at the party. Proceeds to these tickets traditionally go toward a diaper fund for the expecting family.

Other fun games that you can include at your party are...

  • Who Knows Mommy Best
  • Baby Necessities A to Z
  • Baby Lotto
  • Baby Shower Scratch Off Tickets
  • Baby Shower Bingo

When it comes to the shower, always make sure that you pick games that would be considered fun by the Mommy to be. Remember, she is the guest of honor at this party and this is as much her special day as it is the new baby. Just make sure you plan everyone ahead of time to make sure that the party is picture perfect.