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Planning a Tween Birthday Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1255 Views No comments

As children get older, planning parties for them can be especially difficult. While children love fairy princess parties or unique, fun animal parties, many children who are hitting their early teenage years are not so easy. Tween girls (children between the ages of 8 and 13) are especially hard to plan parties for as they prepare to exit their childhood years and want a more adult like party while still embracing some of the things they enjoyed as a child. Luckily, there are a few fun themes that are loved by nearly every tween girl.

Girl's Rock Theme

Almost every girl, even teenagers, dream of being a rock or country music star when they grow up. With the addition Rock Band on most game systems, it is not too surprising that a girl's rock star party is very popular for many Tweens. Pre-made Girl's Rock plates, cups, and napkins are available right here on this site, giving you some extra decorations for this fun filled party. For some extra props, make sure to pick up some inflatable guitars and possibly strobe lights to give your favorite girl the feeling they are at their own private concert. If you do not have Rock Band or a game system, pick up a cheap karaoke machine to give your girl the spotlight at her birthday party.

Groovy Hippie Theme

Even though the 60s are gone, most girls still love the idea of long hair and tied dyed outfits. In this pre-made theme, you can find not only tie died plates and cups, but a variety of different party decorations that have a fun 60s theme. As an extra craft project, don't forget to pick up some white t-shirts and some dyes to allow of your guest to make their own hippie shirts. Depending on your child's age, you may also want to pick up some jewelry craft making sets for making beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Asian Theme

With Asian culture quickly becoming popular in the United States, it is not too surprising that many girls are intrigued by the thought of an Asian birthday party. For this type of party, make sure to decorate your house with Asian fans and paper lanterns. This type of party is especially ideal for older tweens and teenagers who like the thought of a more elegant, adult like birthday party. As an extra party favor, use Chinese style take out boxes as goody bag filled with different Asian treats.