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Planning a Fun Bridal Shower

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1711 Views No comments

Being the maid of honor, you know there is a lot on your plate to make sure the Bride's special day goes according to plan. Before the big day even arrives however, you have the task of trying to plan not only the bachelorette party, but the bridal shower itself. Unlike the bachelorette party, the bridal shower itself is usually more laid back, involving not only the bride's closest friends, but females from both sides of the family. One of the best ways to make everyone happy is creating a relaxed bridal shower.

For brides who are more laid back and like to be pampered, a very popular theme is having a shower that revolves around pampering not only the bride, but the guests by giving makeovers, massages, and other fun treats to allow every female at the party to feel extra special.

Party Favors

Since many women may be coming and going throughout the bridal shower, it is important to use paper plates to help manage any mess going on at the chosen location of the party. Two themes are especially popular at many bridal parties: the Pink and Brown Maine Lunch Set and the Poodle Party theme set. Both of these themed are very feminine and give a feeling of a girl's night out. Make sure when purchasing one of these sets that you buy plenty of plates, napkins and paper cups to last through multiple snacks and meals.

Party Games

Since females of different ages will more than likely be attending the bridal shower, it is usually best to go with classic, clean games that are less likely to embarrass the bride with her new family. One popular game that is commonly used at many bridal showers is Bridal Shower Bingo. You can also talk to the groom and get him to answer some basic questions about himself, seeing how many people, along with the bride, know the answers to the questions.

Final Touches

Depending on the bride, it usually doesn't hurt to add any finishing touches to the room where the bridal shower is taking place, as well as the goody bags for the guests. Place red rose petals around the gift table and in the goody bags, reminding everyone of the romance that brought the couple together. As well, place personalized travel candles around the room in the bride's favorite scent, allowing individuals at the party to take these beautiful candles home to remember the bridal shower.

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