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Plan an Afternoon Christmas Tea Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1801 Views No comments

Everyone has a traditional Christmas party, so why not be different and host an afternoon Christmas tea party for a few of your closest friends. Three or four guests will be an intimate get-together but if you would prefer something larger you can plan on a buffet for the holiday treats.

When and Where to Have the Party

For a tea party that will be light a good time to start is around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon. If you live in a cold weather climate find a cozy spot in your house where it will not be difficult to serve. If you have a fireplace, that will be ideal. A crackling fire will bring warmth and holiday cheer to each guest that attends. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always set up your tea party next to your Christmas tree and be sure to have the lights twinkling for added ambiance.

Decorating for Your Afternoon Christmas Tea party

All your tables should be set with red, green or gold tablecloths. We have a lovely assortment of name holders such as our Silver Bell with Dangling Heart Charm that is perfect for the season. You can also decorate the table with our Perfect Heart Scented Rose Soaps as they are red and will fit the theme. As an added bonus, put our Pink Hot Chocolate Mix on the tables so that the ladies can have a hot cup of chocolate at home so that it brings to mind the lovely time they had at your party.

If you have Christmas themed tableware and linens, now would be the time to use them. You can even mix and match items that complement each other and try to use gold and silver so that they sparkle. As a centerpiece you can use fresh greenery such as pine cones and holly that can be made into a beautiful low lying display. Flickering candlelight will also add to the holiday mood so be sure to include one or two tea lights on each table. We have a nice assortment of tea lights from which to choose such as teacups and tea lights miniature porcelain tea light holders or Royal Jeweled Tea Lights.

You may want to give your guests favors for when they leave and we have a great selection of those from which to choose. A long Stem Red Rose Lollipop accompanied by a green Feather tea party hat may tickle the guests fancy as well as a red Feather Fan.

>Serve traditional Christmas cookies and candies and perhaps even offer some mulled cider. It is all up to you how fancy or how casual you want your Christmas tea party to be. As long as you have fun planning and executing the party that is what really matters. One thing is for certain, anyone that attends will be quite impressed with your choice of a holiday get-together and you may inspire your guests to try something like it during the next holiday season.

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