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Plan a Boy Baby Shower

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 2214 Views No comments

Mommy To Be SashAre you planning a cute boy themed baby shower for your best friend? Many people assume that boy baby showers are harder to plan. Part of the reason for this is that many people go overboard for girly baby showers, not realizing that you can have just as much fun planning a shower for a baby boy. The trick is not simply decorating your favorite venue in blue, but finding the perfect theme that goes with the mom-to-be's personality. Lucky for you, you're either related to the new mother or are her good friend, giving you exactly what you need to create the perfect baby shower that everyone is sure to remember!

Boy Baby Shower: Themes

One of the first mistakes people make when they start planning a baby shower for a boy is assuming that they have to have a traditional baby shower. While blue is an all time favorite theme for a boy baby shower, there are other options. Really, with all the products on the market today, the sky (not just sky blue!) is truly the limit when it comes to planning a boy themed baby shower. The only thing you have to do is make sure you include a touch of blue in with your theme in the form of party decorations or unique party favors. If you don't yet know what theme is right for your shower, don't worry, there are dozens of different themes to choose from! Some of our favorite baby shower themes include:

Baby Shower CharadesBoy Baby Shower: Shower Games

When many people start planning for their boy themed baby shower, they start putting so much of their attention on decorations that they sometimes forget about games. If you think back, you will likely realize that some of the most memorable things you remember about your friend's baby showers is that they all includes fun, unique games. While you can spend hours on the internet looking for games, there are also premade games to make things easier on you as a host. Some of our favorite baby shower games that are perfect for a boy baby shower include:

Blue StreamersBoy Baby Shower: Party Decorations & Mementos

Probably the most fun part of a boy themed baby shower is finding the perfect decorations for the party. Everyone knows to purchase boy themed banners, streamers, and balloons, but what about other unique decorations? One of our all-time favorite decorations that always gets attention is cake toppers. These toppers can easily turn a boring cake into something to be remembered, especially with a cute blue teddy bear, stroller, or even rocking horse. Best of all, this cute cake topper can be given later to the new mom as a memento from the baby shower. Remember, with the right decorations and party games, you can easily make the perfect boy themed baby shower. Don't forget to purchase some thank you notes and sticky notes to help mom keep track of all of her awesome gifts. Once the party the good time is over, she will thank you for the notes and the wonderful baby shower to celebrate her new little boy!