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Oh Those April Showers

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 5 years ago 1480 Views No comments

It's hard to believe that already it's April and May flowers are not far behind. Typically a rainy month, April has a variety of celebrations for you to plan a get-together or a party around. Let's see if we can find some unusual and unique celebrations for this month; any reason for a party.


Celebrations by the Month Bring awareness to those that can't speak with Animal Cruelty Prevention month. Report any abuse you suspect of an innocent animal. To help out even more volunteer at your local animal shelter or with a rescue group. If you have the time and space you can even foster animals until they are ready to find new homes.


Gather with the ladies for Informed Women Month. Talk about politics, books, what's in the news so you can flex the muscles of your brains after a long, dull winter. April is also Listening Awareness month which is something all of us can appreciate. Many times we get so wrapped up in what we want to communicate that we don't really listen to what others are saying.


For Keep America Beautiful month invite friends and family to clean up a local park, street or any other type of area that could use some sprucing up. Trim your hedges, mow the lawn and plant some flowers to bring more beauty to your neck of the woods. Speaking of doing chores around the house, April is also Home Improvement Safety Month so watch when you are hammering nails and clipping the bushes that you don't lose a finger.


Celebrating National Twit Awards month should bring a laugh or two to you and your friends. You can get together to vote for all the twits you encounter though it is probably best if you don't invite them to this particular gathering.


Weekly April Celebrations National Library Week runs from the 1st of the month to the 7th. If you don't already have one, go out and get yourself a library card and read! It's important for your children to use the library as well so be sure they have a card of their own. Also the first week of April is the Week of the Young Child. Moms can gather to swap tips and stories to make parenting a young child an easier task.


One weekly celebration you may want to skip is National Hate Week which runs from the 4th through the 16th. What we need is more love and compassion, not more hate and hostility. If you do want to express your loathing for someone or something, do it in a constructive manner such as exercising or some other form of physical activity to get your feelings out.


Daily April Celebrations If you can figure out what Bonza Bottler Day is be sure to let us know. It is on the 5th if you care to recognize it. Ladies will love National No Housework Day which falls on the 7th of April. Put away your mops and dusters and do whatever you please on this day.


There are many more cute, silly and serious celebrations throughout the month of April. If you need a reason to make a party you have plenty with which to work.