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Movie Premiere Party

By Designed 2B Sweet Inc. 4 years ago 1586 Views No comments

Are you looking forward to your favorite movie getting ready to hit theaters or release on DVD? With so many great movies getting ready to come out, it isn't too surprising that many people, especially children, are excited to see their favorite feature film in their own living room. Since so many people like the same movies, have you considered having your own movie premiere party in your own home? Many people think that red carpet parties are only reserved for the rich, but they are just as much fun to have with family and friend, especially when it means you can all enjoy a great movie in your own living room without high movie theater prices!

Movie Premiere Party: Party Decorations

Want to know the best part of hosting your own movie premiere party? You have an excuse to decorate! It is easy to find decorations that make your house looking like a movie theater, or a typical red carpet party. If you are having your party during the Oscars, you can even find little fake awards to use as table centerpieces or party favors, letting everyone know that they are a winner or VIP at your own event. When decorating, make sure you don't go overboard, however, since the main event is, of course, the movie.

Movie Premiere Party: Food

As anyone would tell you who goes to the movies - food is one of the best parts! One thing that is a must at any movie premiere party is popcorn. The best part about serving snacks at home is that you can forgo the high movie popcorn prices by popping popcorn that is healthier and cheaper for all of your guests. To give the movie feel to your popcorn, consider purchasing some disposable bowls or boxes meant for holding popcorn. These might have anything from a movie theater look to something else fun. Along with popcorn, have a large selection of candy available to all of your guests. They will love choosing from a large selection of movie theater-style candy! Don't forget too that you can steer away slightly from the movie theme by making your own homemade treats, or other appetizers that you know your family and friends are sure to love eating during the movie!

Movie Premiere Party: Party Games

Before the start of the movie, consider playing some fun movie themed games with all of your guests. You can find party games designed especially for movie parties, or go with traditional games for parties like pin the tail on the donkey, bean bag toss, and other games you would find at kids parties. Just make sure that all the games at your party are age appropriate. If you want to stay with games that are great for all ages and can be played again, consider popular games like Apples to Apples and Scene It. With the right preparations, you can easily create the perfect movie premiere party!

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