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Movie Premiere for Kids

By Designed 2B Sweet 3 years ago 2507 Views 12 comments

Considering having a movie premiere party just for kids? With so many awesome kids' movies coming out soon in theaters or on DVD, many children are excited to see their favorite characters. One of the best ways to celebrate the arrival of these new movies is with a fun movie party! Kids can celebrate before seeing the movie in theaters or even turn their own living room into a fun 'theater' for them and their friends to enjoy the new movie. Best of all, movie parties are a great centerpiece for sleepovers or as a way to keep children entertained during summer vacation. They are even fairly inexpensive to put together, allowing mom and dad to easily create a fun party that kids are sure to love!

Hollywood StarMovie Premiere for Kids: Decorations

Want to know what really makes a movie premiere party for kids come together? Decorations! There are so many options when it comes to a movie premiere party that the sky is really the limit. For kids, you can go with traditional decorations, or go with decorations that match the theme of the movie. If you want to go with a traditional party, consider going with hanging star decorations , or adding cute props, such as a movie directors clapboard. Kids will love pretending they are filming their own movie before it starts, so use your decorations to your advantage!

Popcorn CupsMovie Premiere for Kids: Food

One of the best parts of having a movie premiere party is, of course, the food! For a children's premiere party, we recommend going with movie theater-type of food to complement your in-home screening - easy and popular treats like popcorn, nachos, and other food served at your local theater. This is also the perfect time to include some of your child's favorite candy. Of course, for the other guests, name brand candy, or candy that matches the theme of the movie are great choices. If you aren't for sure what works best, a variety pack of different types of candy doesn't hurt either. Kids will love having a sweet treat as they watch their brand new movie!

Movie Night TrophiesMovie Premiere for Kids: Awards

Of course, what is more fun than giving out awards after your fun movie premiere party? It is easy to find trophies, even Oscar-looking ones, that are perfect to give out to different guests. Kids will love getting them for talking about their favorite characters, pretending to be them to accept awards, or even for things they did prior to the movie. This is where you can let imaginations run wild and truly have fun! Don't forget to remind kids too that they need to have speeches, just like the actors or characters would if they won the awards themselves! With this little touch, you will have some adorable, picture perfect moments at your party!

Shannon 3 years ago at 2:03 AM
This sounds super duper fun. Thank you for this idea.
melisa 3 years ago at 4:31 AM
I love themed parties. This looks like fun, and there are so many ways to tailor it to your movie theme.
Dorothy Boucher 3 years ago at 10:38 AM
i like this idea, this could actually made into for threatre or boxing or so many other ideas ;) thanks
Terri S 3 years ago at 7:05 PM
I love this idea. Sounds like a super fun time. Thank you for sharing,
Maram 3 years ago at 8:37 AM
This sounds like so much fun to try, thanks for sharing
Maram 3 years ago at 8:39 AM
Sounds like so much fun to try
alihaider 3 years ago at 12:44 PM
Loveable idea,Like it viewing a super fun,thanks alot
Brigid OHara Koshko 3 years ago at 9:59 AM
What a fun and creative way to celebrate a birthday. I think it is an awesome idea. At work, staff is always looking for ways to make some of our staff meetings more enjoyable. This might be a great possibility.
Claire D 3 years ago at 1:20 AM
What a fun idea. I wonder if there's any fairly cheap way to make a red carpet down your walkway?
Leela 3 years ago at 3:53 PM
What fun ideas!
Melody M. 3 years ago at 2:24 PM
that is such a cute idea!
Jasmine P. 3 years ago at 6:29 PM
Such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!